Give It All You’ve Got

I am a part of a couple of Spartan Race groups that like to discuss any every topic about running but more so Spartan Races in particular. When a race is coming up I like to browse the group to get motivated and excited about the upcoming run. One of the groups, in particular, was great for this but things quickly changed after my last race in Vegas. I noticed after all was said and done that th[...]
katie transformation

Fitness Friday | Katie S.

I love instagram for the simple reason that you get to connect with all kinds of people and see a sneak peek into their life through their photos. I love seeing people's transformations and every once in a while someone catches my eye enough to make me want to know more about them. Katie is one of those people. Her transformation is so inspiring that I knew I had to feature her. Feel free to read on an[...]

Fitness Friday ~ Kharyse

I have known Kharyse(aka Reesie) for a couple of years now from mommy groups in Hawaii. We would all hang out with our little ones at the pool, etc. I also had the pleasure of taking Reesie's photos several times and she always had a happy upbeat personality. After moving from Hawaii we didn't talk much as we both were going through personal issues in our lives at the time. Now that we have moved past[...]