favorite crunch snack

A Better-For-You Swap of Your Favorite Crunchy Snack

"This post is sponsored by Boulder Canyon in collaboration with Blog Meets Brand." Chips. All kid's love chips. Even adults love chips but chips are well...not the healthiest snack option. Being a mom of boys and more specifically, a toddler, getting him to eat less "junky" food can be a challenge. That's why I've made it my mission to find better options of everyone's favorite crunchy snack. It's[...]
white gold

What the Heck Is White Gold? 5 Questions About White Gold Wedding Rings

It’s gold, but it looks like silver. White gold often leaves people confused. No matter what, white gold wedding rings are increasingly becoming popular. Significantly more affordable than platinum, this metal is both durable and luxurious. We know that choosing a metal for your wedding ring is a big decision. It should be something that retains its original sheen for years to come as well as be b[...]
giggly goggles

More Fun in the Water with Giggly Goggles

Once summer hits, everyone loves sunbathing by the pool. Kids love jumping into the pool to find sink toys with their fresh new goggles. What happens when your little one wants to keep playing but the goggles are uncomfortable though? Well, Giggle Goggles are to the rescue. Giggly Goggles Environmentally friendly and 100% safe, these goggles will be the talk of the pool. Each comfy pair is made fro[...]