summer activities

Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Somewhere in-between finals, prom and sending the kids off to college, there’s summer vacation. It’s a time the kids look forward to all year, but most parents have mixed feelings. Of course, they’re excited to spend a little more time with the kiddos, but what will you do? It can be challenging to come up with fun, new ideas every year, especially as the kids get older. So, I've put together[...]
education in technology

Thriving & Striving for Technology in Education

We all know the important role technology plays when it comes to education. The two literally go hand in hand in our personal lives, career, hobbies and more. I remember being a kid and learning how to type when I was in third grade. Now kids as young as two can navigate smartphones like they were born to do it. In our family, we have three antsy boys. Though the youngest isn't in school yet, Evan i[...]
Jake's Unlimited

Visiting the Newly Redesigned Jake’s Unlimited

Originally debuting in 2005, one of the places that kept you sane as a parent was visiting locations like Amazing Jake's. Amazing Jake's is an indoor amusement park where your kids can run wild and burn some energy. We visited the park roughly a year ago and though we liked it, we felt there were nicer options in the area we could visit. This past year, however, Amazing Jake's underwent a 4.5 mil[...]