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What the Heck Is White Gold? 5 Questions About White Gold Wedding Rings

It’s gold, but it looks like silver. White gold often leaves people confused. No matter what, white gold wedding rings are increasingly becoming popular. Significantly more affordable than platinum, this metal is both durable and luxurious. We know that choosing a metal for your wedding ring is a big decision. It should be something that retains its original sheen for years to come as well as be b[...]

How to Get Him to Propose

When it comes to engagement and marriage, despite popular belief, love isn’t all you need. What is needed can differ from couple to couple, and even change depending on the circumstances that two people find themselves in. If finances are chaotic, if health issues are present, if the time just doesn’t seem right, a man in love might not think that proposing to the woman in his life is the right thi[...]

7 Ways to Experience Valentine’s Day Without the Kids

Valentine’s Day is a day to not only be loved but to also be told that you are loved. This doesn’t mean you haven’t been telling each other this every day but February 14 comes with a special magic that we all love to experience. Sadly, for a lot of married couples who have kids, this doesn’t seem to happen often as there are bills to pay, kids to tend to, the home to clean and life as a whole[...]