5 Tips for Dating Mindfully

Dating is hard. It’s a lot of work to meet someone, strike up a conversation, someone asks the other on a date, you go on a date, maybe a couple of dates, then it’s over. And you have to start the process over again. Humans are emotional beings. Our thoughts and feelings determine our decisions. That is why it is important that we be mindful about our emotions and how those emotions translat[...]

4 Things You Should Discuss with Your Partner

Relationships are rewarding and fulfilling, but they’re also a lot of work. You must communicate with your partner to make sure that both individuals feel happy and content. Otherwise, someone will swipe left on the relationship. Discover the following four things you should talk about with your partner. Talk About Expectations When your relationship is new, you may not know what the other person t[...]

Finding Love In an App

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Plenty of Fish. All thoughts and opinions are my own. A Little known secret to many people, my husband and I met on a dating app. Yep, bet you didn't see that coming. Finding love in an app is not something I set out to do and definitely not something you'd expect but here I am 4 years later. Let's take it back to 2013. I had been divorced for close to a year[...]