Improve Your Diet

5 Ways to Improve Your Diet

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of eating healthy is how fantastic our bodies will look and feel. But did you know our mental health is affected just as equally by the food we consume? You should always eat nutrient-rich foods to help the mind in addition to the body! These are five ways to improve your diet to enhance more than just your body: Commit to meal prepping The first st[...]
Modern Market

Keep Your Macros on Track with Modern Market’s New Location in Ahwatukee + Giveaway

With everyone paying attention to their health more than ever, food is still the biggest obstacle. Eating out is the hardest task of them all on top of that. Finding restaurants that actually list macros can be frustrating when eating healthy. Low and behold, Modern Market has come to Ahwatukee. Modern Market Modern Market serves tasty, healthy food made from ingredients you can trust at a reasonab[...]

Keeping Your Little Athlete Hydrated in the Summer Heat

"Though this post is sponsored by BODYARMOR via the Mom It Forward Influencer Network, all thoughts and opinions are my own." Whether your little athlete is an all star on a team or in your own backyard, playing in the summer heat can take a toll on their hydration. On a hot summer day, kids can lose moisture quickly through sweating and ignore the signs of being thirsty. They get so wrapped up in t[...]