Matt’s Munchies: A Bite of Paradise

I love snacks. There I said it. I'm not a big eater in one sitting so having that little bite of paradise in my house and on me is a must to keep me full throughout the day. However, one of my favorite snacks are good old-fashioned gummies and no, not the healthy kind. Why is that? Because I can't ever find a healthy version of a gummy type snack that tastes even remotely edible. Well, now history[...]

4 Ways to Add Protein to Your Salad + Giveaway

I'm not huge on salads but every once in a while I get a craving for one then I can't stop eating them for a week straight. While I'm binging on my greens though, I always try to incorporate protein the best that I can. However,  sometimes I run out of ideals to keep it interesting. But have no fear! After some nifty research on new protein sources I've never tried, I decided to create a list on 5 way[...]

Hot Chocolate Protein Smoothie with Everlast Nutrition

Now that we are moving into November, its finally  starting to cool off here in Arizona. Cool early morning runs and workouts will feel like a breeze. Since I normally try to drink my protein first thing in the morning, a cold drink is the last thing I want in chilly weather. After resisting the urge to hit up Starbucks for a nice, warm hot chocolate, I decided to come up with a healthy protein versio[...]