12 Weeks Bumpdate

I went in for my NT scan this week to check for down syndrome in the baby. The cut off for the mark is 3mm and the highest the baby measured is 2.8. I was like, okay, we're good but then I went in to talk to the doctor and she started worrying me. She was like yeah the baby's neck is within the normal range but it's on the higher end, you should consider additional testing. I went out to the front an[...]

Rediscovering My Childhood Memories in Georgetown

When you're growing up you remember certain things about your childhood. Particularly great holidays, bad sibling fights, and where you lived. For our family, where we lived changed fairly often. When we left California and moved to South Carolina, we lived in one house for quite a while then moved to another. Once my parents got divorced we lived in several others. While visiting Georgetown on my last[...]
Twins Bumpdate

6 Weeks | Twins Bumpdate

Like you all know, I found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago and had an ultrasound set up to check the viability of the baby. To my surprise, guess who's carrying twins?! Yep. My father in law and husband were both joking about me having twins, specifically boys, but twins none the less. I warned them it runs in my family and here we are. I went into the ultrasound excited to see our baby, hear its[...]