Caring For Your Senior Dog

"This post is sponsored by The Libman Company but the content and opinions expressed here are my own." Never in my life did I think I would have a dog for its whole life. I'm an animal lover for sure but I just never envisioned committing to something for so long. My Shih Tzu, Smush, who I've had since she was a pup, has officially hit 12 years old. Now that she's a senior though, her health has bee[...]

The Best Dog Breeds To Fight Depression

For ages, dogs are touted as the best friend of the human being. However, looking at the most species of the dogs all over the world, it is obvious that dogs indeed are the best friends. In fact, these canines understand their owners' feeling and behave responsively. As a matter of fact, people especially those who are passing through a trauma are often recommended for taking emotional support dogs to[...]

Do You Know Which House Plants Are Safe For Pets?

Sleek, chic and tropical; indoor plants are an easy and inexpensive way to breathe life back into a drab interior. Pleasing to the eye, they’re also bursting with health benefits! Did you know that indoor plants can: Improve Air Quality NASA has been researching the impact of plants on air quality for a while now, and they’ve discovered that plants can remove trace levels of toxins from a tightly[...]