Lily Jade Shaylee

Lily Jade Shaylee Diaper Bag Review

 "I received this product as part of a partnership with Lily Jade. All words and opinions are completely my own."  Finding a diaper bag that is cute and functional is such a challenge as a mom. I had 5 different diaper bags with my first, yes, 5! Each one had a different purpose but none could handle it all. With my second, I chose a diaper bag that I really liked around $80 and it got about a yea[...]

Fitness Tracker Showdown: FitBit vs Apple Watch

As you all know, I love my FitBit. I've had one for 5 years now and have loved every minute of it. I should have tried to be an ambassador for them with the amount of people I have convinced to purchase one. Since I've started working at a local children's hospital they have a program called Vitality. With this vitality program you can get an Apple watch for free just by working out. Being that I'm an[...]

Cooking Up Gourmet Meals with Home Chef

Even though I work part time out of the home and blog the other half at home, getting everything done in one day can be a lot. Cooking is something that we go in spurts on being great at. We go from cooking every night at home for weeks to getting lazy and eating out for weeks. I've seen various commercials for home cooking subscription boxes and wondered if they were really worth it. An opportunity[...]