Vegas Super Spartan Race 2015

Since I already completed the Arizona Spartan Sprint this year the next piece of my puzzle to tackle was the Vegas Super Spartan Race. I knew it was going to be hot, I knew it was going to be long, but dear god. It was worse than I anticipated. I started at 8am and was still struggling so props to all of you who did late waves because I wouldn't have been able to finish probably. The race started off[...]
warrior dash 5k

Warrior Dash 5k Review

I have been trying for 3 years now to register and run the Warrior Dash but every year I have somehow signed up for another run on the same day. This year we made it a point to register to run the Warrior Dash as soon as we could. Its one of the few mud and obstacle course runs I have yet to complete so I was stoked to add it to my list finally. The morning of the run was a breeze since I signed up fo[...]

FroYo 5k

Last year I ran the the Ice Cream 5k and had a good time but FINALLY someone created a frozen yogurt 5k! I like ice cream but its more of a treat I need to be in the mood for. However, when it comes to frozen yogurt, that's a whole other ball game. I love frozen yogurt so when I saw the FroYo 5k show up in my facebook feed I was sold! I checked out their site and saw the cool gear they had to offer a[...]