The Best Way to Keep Information on Your Mobile Device Secure

With technology advancing every day, you can now take the Internet and the world with you in your pocket. Whether it is a smartphone or your tablet that is traveling with you, you want to know that your information is secure and protected at all times. Learning how AVG can help with that is critical in making sure that your identity is not stolen or that your device is always protected. Discover ways t[...]

3 Tips For Building Your Instagram Following

Brands love connecting with bloggers it's a fact. Though they love to see interaction on your blog, they know social media is where it amplifies. Having an engaging and larger social media following can work wonders for your traffic and draw in a larger crowd. For me, its Instagram so I decided to share 3 tips you can incorporate to build your Instagram following. Divide and Conquer or Remain the Sa[...]

Online Dating Safety Tips

Most of you probably aren't aware of how my husband and I met. Low and behold it was on an online dating app. Yeah, weird right? I had a couple of friends who told me about all of these success stories of friends of theirs meeting their spouse online. I thought it was crazy but eventually I was convinced to try out a couple of apps. I went on quite a few dates with different people but only found a[...]