The Struggle of Taking an Un-Selfie

Struggling with taking photos of me doing different tasks or my yoga poses outside, I would always try to come up with different strategies as to how I can anchor my phone to get a photo for an "un-selfie" as I like to call it. No matter what I did, I always ended up cutting off half of my shot. Then it dawned on me. Why haven't I invested in a tripod like the GOMA squid?   The GOMA squid is[...]

Keep Your Mac Clean With The Mac Premium Bundle X8

I am an apple whore, plain and simple. Once I switched to Apple products I have never looked back. Apple products are dependable and last forever however, like all devices they can get sluggish after a while. My MacBook Pro is now 4 years old and though it works without any issues, it can lag when starting up. I decided to give the Intego Mac Premium Bundle X8 a try to see what magic it could work on m[...]