That One Time I Tried POUND

I am all up for trying new workouts. I like trying new things in hopes of maybe falling in love with a new fitness class. Over the summer I started hearing about this new workout called POUND. I heard it was a ton of fun and that people were raving it was the next Zumba. Intrigued, I asked around about POUND to find out what it was about. I found it was a workout with drumsticks that you essent[...]

Introducing Tough Mudder’s New Run Option for 2017

Everyone knows that I love a good obstacle race, the mud, the tricky obstacles, the commodore, I love it all. Though I've been a little quiet this year with my runs, I'm always up for a challenge. Tough Mudder is one of the few OCRs I simply haven't had a chance to conquer yet until now. While Tough Mudder will be making its way throughout the country for 2017, they are now offering the new Tough Mud[...]

How To Lose Weight Quickly and Safely in 10 Steps

Experts have been telling us for a long time now how to most effectively lose weight, with dieting and exercising - without pushing yourself to your limits too much. That last part is quite important, yet many ignore it and start doing dangerous diets in hope to immediately lose some pounds; such as the 'one meal a day diet', where people only eat one lunch for the whole day, or the 'liquid diet', as y[...]