Road Trip Essentials for Preteens

Going on a road trip is definitely one of my favorite past times as you all may know. The open air, screaming children, what more could you ask for? Now that I have an upcoming preteen, entertaining him on a road trip has become more difficult. That's why I decided to share my road trip essentials for preteens. Audible Now that your preteen is a fairly fluid reader, Audible is a life saver. You won't[...]

How to Spend a Getaway in South Lake Tahoe

"Though this press trip was sponsored by Tahoe South, all thoughts and opinions are my own." When I think of Tahoe, I think of the lake. The clear blue water and snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains in the background couldn't set a more beautiful scene. From snowboarding to wake boarding, South Tahoe has it all. Thanks to a press trip from the amazing Tahoe South and other sponsors, I was able to[...]
Downtown Georgetown

Things to Do in Downtown Georgetown, SC

As the third oldest city in South Carolina, Georgetown is full of hospitality and rich southern history. Some historians claim that American history began in 1526 with the earliest settlement by Europeans and African slaves being in Georgetown. With its beautiful moss covered oak trees lining the streets of plantations, this small town appears to be forgotten. Recently I had to fly to South Carolina[...]