Cave of the Winds – Colorado Springs, Colorado

cave of the winds

Though I have a slight problem with claustrophobia I am still intrigued by the beauty of caves. I have underwater caves in Mexico I want to visit and many more eventually. While in Colorado Springs my boyfriend suggested we check out the Cave of the Winds. I checked out the photos online and they looked gorgeous so the next morning we loaded the car and headed up the mountains. The driveway to the caves was steep and winding and driving the Jetta up the icy road was slightly risky but we made it to the top just fine.

cave of the winds grizzlyWe walked down to the gift store to get our tickets and opted for the shorter tour since little E was along for the trip. From there we looked around a little bit at all the trinkets and souvenirs for purchase until our start time was called. We lined up by the big grizzly and were prompted to head outside.

We zipped up our coats and headed back out into the brisk weather to be given the run down of the rules. Once we finally went into the cave it warmed up tremendously! I guess I don’t know a whole lot about caves but for some reason, I figured it was going to be colder?

The caves we absolutely beautiful and my son enjoyed it as well. Our tour guide Bob was fantastic! He was full of humor and honesty and made our tour worth while and fully educational. I highly recommend checking out Colorado caves but specifically Cave of the Winds.

cave of winds
cave of winds