Free Chipotle with the Chipotle Reading Rewards Program

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When we were kids, I remember reading any and everything I could for free food. It was such a thrilling goal to reach with my love of reading at such a young age. Slowly but surely all those programs seem to have faded but guess who’s bringing it back?! Chipotle!

Though passionate about rolling the perfect burritos, they are also committed to nourishing young minds of our communities through their Chipotle Reading Rewards Program. This annual program rewards book worms with deliciously, real food rewards.

How to Sign up for Chipotle Reading Rewards

Like the programs you remember as a child, Chipotle Reading Rewards is designed to help students develop a love of reading by rewarding them with free Chipotle when they reach their reading goals.

From now until February 28th,  educators’ and librarians’ can submit their application for their Rewards program. This program can be dded to an existing reading program, or Chipotle can provide schools with turnkey resources to kickstart their own if needed. Read more here!

How to Track the Chipotle Reading Rewards

Chipotle Reading Rewards are special bookmarks that include FREE Kid’s Meal cards (for grades K-5) or Buy-One/Get-One FREE Entrée cards (for grades 6+). So if you have a child in the in 6th grade or higher, the whole fam gets to benefit from your child’s reading and can bond over a delicious burrito together.

Why Chipotle?

Chipotle is committed to creating real food without any added colors, flavors, or additives in their wholesome ingredients. Chipotle always prepares and uses real ingredients everyone can pronounce and recognize. No explaining necessary when your child is tugging on your arms asking 23987087 questions about the menu.

In an effort to make their food more accessible to everyone, you can now place your order through their website, app, or better yet, have DoorDash deliver it straight to your door.

For more information and to submit your application for the Chipotle Reading Rewards, head over to their site here:

“Though Chipotle sent me some burrito bucks for spreading the love, all opinions are my own.”