Choosing the Right Shoes for a Wedding

wedding shoesPIN IT!As you all know, I am not much of a shoe fan, most of the time, I end up wearing flip-flops. Regular footwear is so restrictive and heavy, which is partly what lead to my becoming a minimalist runner.

However, even I have to wear regular boots or shoes, some of the time. For example, going barefoot to a wedding would not be practical or socially acceptable. Choosing the right footwear for a special occasion like that is essential. It makes a huge difference to the overall look of your outfit and has a big impact on how comfortable you feel. So, today, I thought I would share a few tips and tricks to help you to choose wisely.

Don’t be afraid to shop online

If you have never tried buying boots or shoes online, I suggest you give it a go. It is much easier than you think. Large retailers like JD Williams offer their customers a huge selection of styles and sizes, including wide-fit boots and shoes. Plus, shopping around gives you the chance to shop around and find the best deal. Nobody wants to spend a huge amount of money on a pair of shoes that they are likely to only wear once, maybe twice.

Having such a good level of choice makes it relatively easy for you to find that perfect pair. You just need to take the time to measure your feet properly before you buy.

This short YT video shows you the best way to do this at home. Fortunately, shoe sizes are pretty standard, so you can rely on the sizing shown online being accurate. However, it is still wise to order your shoes about a month before the wedding. That gives enough time for them to be delivered, tried on and exchanged for another pair if they are not 100% right.

Comfort is key

It is important for your feet to be comfortable. There is no point in spending a lot of money on a nice outfit to end up hobbling long in a pair of shoes that are too high for comfort. You need to be able to walk and dance in them, so try to bear this in mind when deciding which ones to buy.

If you can, wear your shoes around the house for at least a few hours. This will stretch them slightly and soften the material enough to ensure that you do not suffer from blisters on the big day.

It is also worth rubbing the soles over with sandpaper. This ensures that the soles are so smooth that you run the risk of slipping over on a shiny floor.

Getting the match right

If the outfit you are buying is particularly colorful consider having your shoes dyed and allow enough time to have this done. Satin shoes are ideal for this.

Protect them from the weather

You also need to think about the weather. You need to be able to keep your feet warm and dry. Even if you are attending a summer wedding there is no guarantee that the weather will be fine. Therefore, if your shoes are not already shower proof, consider using a waterproof spray to fix this potential issue.

By the way, if you have got this far and are still wondering what on earth minimalist running is, just click here, to find out.