Cleaning Your Feet When You Hate Shoes

Yes, I hate shoes. I wear flip flips 11 out of 12 months of the year unless I’m going to them gym. As soon as I get home though, I kick my gym shoes off immediately. When I do yoga, my feet are black as night. I just don’t like wearing shoes. (explains why i’m a minimalist runner eh?)

Well instead of trying to balance yourself in the shower while scrubbing your food with a pumice stone, you need to try out The FootMate System. This thing seriously rocks! So what is it? The FootMate System is a foot cleaning system that contains a brush with suctions cups and a bottle of all natural rejuvenating gel to use while in the shower. The brush is comprised of 11,000 little bristles and after a month of use it barely looks used. It also has a little rope that came with it to hang up and dry afterwards and yes, you will want it to fully dry. Bacteria from your feet can only add to the possible mold growth that can happen if the brush doesn’t air out.

Check out my video below to see more!

Overall I really enjoyed the product and felt like it exfoliated and cleaned my feet nicely. If you are a barefoot person like me I highly recommend check this system out.

Though I received this product in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.