Color Fun Fest 5k

Color Fun Fest

I had seen the Color Fun Fest photos on Facebook but didn’t pay much attention to them as I always see advertisements because of all the runs I do. Then I was contacted by one of the PR representatives to be an ambassador for the run and cover it. After learning about the run and what it was all about I was very eager to be a part. I showed up for packet pick up and the process was relatively easy and I received my bib, t-shirt, and fun tattoo. I also signed my 4 year old son up for the run and he was stoked about the tattoo, lol. I know what you’re probably thinking a 4 year old? But yes, he likes participating in runs and the color ones are usually the most exciting to him!

The great thing about the Color Fun Fest run is that its held in the daytime and at night so that you choose what works best for you and yours. I choose the night run as I knew my son would love all the black lights and everything glowing. We arrived at the run just in time to park and to grab my badge for the run. As we waited in the corral I was able to get my GoPro set up as well snap some photos of other runners eagerly awaiting to start.

Waves went off every 5 minutes so it didn’t take long until we were off running. I don’t know what it was about this run but my son took off running as fast as he could to get to the color. He was weaving in and out of people and telling us to keep up! We hit our first color station and weren’t lacking any color by the time we got through. Another thing I have to give the Color Fun Fest props for is having all powdered color unlike some other color runs who use liquid as well.

By the time we passed the finish line we were covered head to toe. We watched the awesome drone that was flying overhead taking photos and decided to get in line for our free photo with the Color Fun Fest background. Let me tell you, I LOVE when runs give free photos with their backdrops! We also stayed around for the after party as well before heading home which was awesome until the little one got paint in his eyes.

All in all the run was great and I loved having the opportunity to be an ambassador this year so check it out!