How to Create Baby’s First Easter Basket

Create Baby's First Easter BasketPIN IT!

Out of all the holidays I remember growing up, Easter was definitely at the top. I remember all the frilly dresses and the heart-racing competitive egg hunt between my siblings and I. Now having my own littles, I’m excited to create baby’s first Easter basket as well as my older two.

How to Create Baby’s First Easter Basket

Many people get all wrapped up in the excitement of Easter that they buy a ton of candy and forget that babies can’t eat much candy. I don’t blame them, it’s an exciting time. Though, I do let my boys enjoy some sugary treats, I tend to stick more towards brain engaging items. Below are some of my favorite items to include when I create baby’s first Easter basket.

Texture Books

Books are one of the best ways to get little brain power rolling so why not add it to the festivities? There are many bunny themed books out there but I personally enjoy texture books. It stimulates not only their mind but their senses as you read.

Colorful Bubbles

Another simple yet effective option is bubbles. They can be small containers, a machine, a large wand, doesn’t matter. Babies and kids alike love bubbles and they are great for sensory play! They get oral, tactical, vestibular, auditory, and proprioception all at once.

Favorite Snacks

Just because baby shouldn’t be loaded up with candy doesn’t mean they don’t get to enjoy some of their favorite treats. I love to sneak in a couple of their favorite snacks when I create baby’s first Easter basket so that they have lots to eat for a treat like their siblings.

Create Baby's First Easter BasketPIN IT!

Tiny Love Super Mat

Some parents like to add one “big” surprise when they create baby’s first Easter basket. I typically do the same and this year we have opted for the Tiny Love Super Mat. You all know my(& Bodie’s) love for the Tiny Love Gymini and now that he’s older, upgrading him to a mat is the perfect “big” surprise.

So what’s so great about the Super Mat? This sleek mat from the Magical Tales line, helps baby develop with many visual and auditory stimulation aids on the mat. There are several activities baby can do that promote cognitive and motor growth.

Create Baby's First Easter BasketPIN IT!

For example, in the middle of the mat there is a little “crunchy” flap with a bird behind it. Bodie and I love playing peek-a-boo so this is the perfect little stimulation flap to help with his development. I love that there is a teether connected to the mat as well since his molars are currently starting to make their appearance. I know, sooooo early!

I love that you also don’t have to choose between a cute print and a more development oriented print any longer. Tiny Love’s Super Mat has the contrasting black and white colors with pops of additional colors that offer stimulation for baby all in one cute print.

Stuffed Animal

Bodie has really been snuggling up on stuffed animals lately and loves getting their “kisses” when we are playing. Sometimes he will grab one of Max’s stuffed dogs and relax on the floor with it while listening to his favorite nursery rhymes. Stuffed animals are a great way to teach tiny lessons and help accelerate their sense of touch.

Since they are babies, please make sure your choice doesn’t include small objects like beads or removable parts. The fur of the animal should be short and not easy to pull out as well. Lastly, I would choose one that can be easily washed or tossed once they become dirty.

Chocolate Bunny

To wrap it up, when I create baby’s first Easter basket I always include a traditional chocolate bunny. It doesn’t have to be big and solid. I usually find one that is small and hollow so baby can get a couple of tastes before daddy finishes it off.

There are many options out there you can fill your baby’s first Easter basket with but these are just a few things you can add to avoid all the sugary options on the selves today.

What other item should I add to B’s first Easter basket?


  • Myrna Hocott

    Maybe an outfit or a sippy cup!

  • Kiara rivera

    I added stickers and a etch a sketch with the lil pen all from the dollar store! My son is barely a year old and loves stickers and he likes writing or at least tries to lol. So you should definitely think about those to add to B’s basket.

  • Liz Mays

    These do sound like good choices for a first Easter basket. The mat is really impressive!

  • Alli Smith

    That mat is too cute! I love everything you listed for a baby’s first Easter basket. Bubbles are always fun!

  • Ca

    All wonderful ideas for Easter baskets. We just do one for our babies when they were that young

  • Tasheena

    These are all wonderful choices. I would always include my sons favorite toys and bubbles, paint etc.

  • Amber Myers

    I love these ideas! I remember doing something like this when my kids were tiny.

  • Sarah Bailey

    What some lovely ideas of ways to make a 1st easter basket. These sound like some lovely ideas to help make

  • Janet

    I think that you covered it all and what a lucky babe you have! My kids always loved bubbles as babies.

  • Kita Bryant

    I did a small one with a few toys and things the baby needed. I also did some cool new sippy cups in my sons first basket. Miss those days.

  • Karen

    This was always fun when the kids were that little. It was also fun helping family members take part in their baby’s first Easter. This is such a creative and fun post!

  • Jeanette

    This is so creative! This is the first year that my niece had an Easter that she can remember. I think my sister-in-law that a lot of the stuff. She did not have a whole lot of candy in it.

  • Stacie

    Stuffed animals are a good Easter basket stuffer but I also like small baby toys and teethers if they’re needed. Baby crackers are yummy too.

  • Beth

    These are good suggestions depending on the age of the baby! That mat looks perfect!

  • Lynndee

    I’ll have books and stuffed animals too if I had a baby. 🙂 Great picks! And your baby is so adorable!

  • Thuy

    I love the thoughtfulness of this post, so cute to make a personalized Easter basket filled with all their favorites. I’m excited for all the discounted Easter candy that didn’t make it in the baskets lol

  • Ruth I

    I would put lots of chocolates for my niece and I will also eat everything. hah! Love all these ideas!

  • Lisa Favre

    Such a good idea to include their favourite snacks. I love that idea! I’m so inclined to add chocolate but know it’s not the best and healthiest solution.