Del Real Foods: Bringing Authentic Mexican Food to Your Table


authentic mexican foodPIN IT!Hi my name is Jeska, and my family has an addiction to Mexican food. Its true, we eat some form of Mexican twice a week or more and wether its the fatty or healthy version, it gets devoured.  We usually try to eat home cooked meals but sometimes at the end of the day, cooking is the last thing I want to do. This is where quick and easy comes in.

Now I’m sure you’ve tasted all the “authentic” pre-packaged Mexican food before that is passible but not the greatest. I can’t blame you, its quick and easy. However, Del Real Foods has completely changed the game when it comes to packaged Mexican food.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a Del Real Foods Party Box in exchange for an honest review. I chose my family’s 5 top Mexican cravings to try: Refried Beans, Chicken Tamales, Barbacoa Pork, Chicken Tinga, and Salsa. Since we live in Arizona and are spoiled by authentic Mexican restaurants, we were ready to be disappointed.

We planned our little fiesta the night after receiving the Del Real Foods. We opened all the packages, microwaved them, and we were all set to chow down. From the refried beans to the chicken tamales, I was blown away! Everything was delicious and more amazingly, authentic! Within a few minutes, we were able to easily and quickly prepare authentic Mexican cuisine without going to a restaurant.

Del Real Foods is as authentic as it gets. The fiance said that the chicken tamales even rivaled our favorite Mexican restaurant here and I have to agree. I am a sucker for refried beans and was struggling to put my fork down after trying Del Real Foods beans. They were soooo good.

If you have been convinced and are now curious to try Del Real foods then head over to your local Fry’s and pick up a variety of options. I highly recommend Del Real Foods and your family will love these meals. No Fry’s stores where you live? No problem! They also sell their food online so feel free to check them out here:

  • mykidsguide

    That looks delicious. We love Mexican food and we would love to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Angelic Sinova

    I LOVE authentic Mexican food (“Americanized Mexican food” can be hit or miss!) Here in Chicago there are so many great Mexican restaurants. I haven’t tried Del Real Foods products yet but I’ll definitely have to check them out <3

  • Joanne T Ferguson

    I love authentic Mexican foods and was not aware of this brand, so thank you for highlighting! I could certainly go for trying some of this now!

  • Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    We are HUGE fans of Mexican food here in our house. I rarely cook it because I am not good at it LOL.

  • Michele

    I have never seen that brand and I do love Mexican food so I guess I had better get over to their website and see what’s up!!

  • Megan Elford

    Yep, we love Mexican too! Although … not so much if it’s spicy, lol! I love the fact that these dishes are microwavable. I’d stock up on them for busy nights when I need a quick dinner.

  • sharon phillips

    This food all looked so good. I am very fond of Mexican food. The pictures made me hungry.

  • Jacob Fu

    Yummm! Those look so good! I love the pre-prepped meals for days that we don’t want to bother really cooking anything.

  • Lovely

    Mexican is the best! Mexican is my go to cheat meal while Im on my fitness. I typical stay away from frozen foods but I’m will to give it a try.

  • Franc Ramon

    This looks really easy to prepare. This could be perfect to curb the cravings for mexican food.

  • Shaney Vijendranath

    To be honest I haven’t explored the mexican cuisine yet. I tried it twice and I loved it but there’s so many more recipes I want to try.

  • Tracie

    I LOVE Mexican food!! When I visit my family in Arizona, I always try to eat as much of it as I can, because we don’t have any near my home. I am going to have to look for this in the store….I would love to include Mexican dinners into my normal meal planning.

  • Stephanie

    I’ve actually never tried Mexican food. I’m a little afraid to get it at a restaurant and then hate it. This seems like a less expensive way to try it out. Thanks!

  • Felice

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Mexican food. However I could never cook it all so I just visit my favorite restaurant for my favorite Mexican dishes.