Devil’s Bridge Trail

This past week another one of my sisters were in town and on her last day she wanted to go hike something cool. Since I had been aching to do one of the many Sedona trails I knew Devil’s Bridge Trail was the one I wanted to hike. The scenery in Sedona is gorgeous and much prettier than the city so I knew she would love it.

devilsbridge2When we got to the trail it was 2:30pm so it was hot but not too terrible. Looking at the map there are 3 different routes you can take to get to Devil’s Bridge Trail. Since we got there so late, we decided to take the shortest trail and we started off. Every time we hike I use a trail app on my phone to make sure we’re on the right track. A few minutes into the trail I realized that we actually were on the difficult trail so we had to wrap our way back to the easy trail to make sure we had enough time to get to the bridge.

Once we got on the easy trail I have to say I was a little disappointed. It was literally 1.5 miles of dirt road with multiple trucks and jeeps driving down it to the trail. If I had known it would have been that way then I would have made sure we got there earlier and taken the difficult trail. However, everything changed once we got to the Devil’s Bridge Trail. From that point on it was more like an actual hiking trail.

Devil's Bridge TrailThe trail starts off easy and then progresses to more of a steep challenge with natural bouldering steps and a bit of climbing. Once you reach the top though, its surreal. The bridge is beautiful yet a little intimidating but I knew I wanted to walk on it. My sisters were scared and stayed back but I headed straight out and it was totally worth it. After seeing that I survived they made their way out to the bridge as well and we took some awesome shots.

This trail by far has been my absolute favorite to date and I recommend it to everyone who’s up for a hike and wants to see some of Sedona’s naturally gorgeous formations. Its only 5 miles round trip and 429 feet of elevation and worth every step.