The Difference 28 Days can Make in Your Aging Dog

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Being a dog owner is no short feat. Dogs are very nurturing, loving, forgiving creatures however they do require a large amount of attention to stay healthy. As Smush, my 12-year-old Shih Tzu, is getting well into her senior years, we’ve had to become conscious of the 6 visible signs of dog health to check for so that she’s living her healthiest life.

Off to Target We Go

One of the biggest adjustments we’ve had to make with her aging is switching over to wet food. Her teeth keep falling out so she needs something easy to digest. Like any other Target loving mama, we headed to Target to check out their awesome selection of pet care. We love grabbing our pet care items at Target but they are easy to find and sometimes there are great deals going on.

Speaking of, now, through 10/13, you can print a coupon for a FREE $5 Target GiftCard™ with a Purina pet food, litter, and/or treats purchase of $25 or more. Want to make the deal even sweeter? You will also save $10 when you spend $40 on Purina ONE® Dry Dog and Cat Food and other Purina pet care items at Target too. Don’t forget to get 5% off + free shipping when you subscribe to Purina ONE® at Target too!

Visible Signs of dog HealthPIN IT!

While browsing our options we honed in on Purina ONE’s® ingredients. Every ingredient in their dog food had a purpose. There were no added fillers, a mix of vitamins and minerals, and best of all, it was made with high-quality real meat, poultry or fish. I decided to do some Googling to read up on the brand to make sure I was making the right decision for Smush.

Turns out, Purina ONE′s® goal is to provide pet owners with tailored nutrition to help your pets live up to their lifelong potential. Their products also come in different formulas for all stages of life, hence the wet food. We grabbed a basket full of the Purina® ONE Classic Ground Beef & Brown Rice Entree Wet Dog Food and headed on our way. Eh, actually, after $250 of unnecessary items we headed on our way. #TargetMom #NoRegerts

The 28-Day Purina ONE Challenge

While digging into the brand, I discovered their 28-Day Challenge. The challenge is simple. You feed your dog their products for 28 days and track the noticeable differences you find from beginning to end. For us, that meant looking for a change in the 6 visible signs of health with Smush. The visible signs we checked were her eyes, skin & coat, energy, immune system, and digestibility.

Visible Signs of dog HealthPIN IT!

I decided to write down my observations of Smush before starting to see if I could really tell a difference from beginning to end. If not, then no harm done but honestly, we were hopeful for a difference.

Differences We Found in the 6 Visible Signs of Dog Health

Eye Health – Smush has a glaze of glaucoma on her eyes now that she’s 12. She can’t see the best so I wasn’t expecting to see much of a difference. After the challenge, her eyes did seem to be a bit brighter. She still has the cloudiness in her eyes but it seems she has a bit of twinkle in the rest of her eye.

Skin & Coat – Smush, like most Shih Tzus, has pretty intense skin allergies. If she doesn’t eat good for her food, her skin breaks out, it flakes, and she itches. I’m happy to report that her skin actually seemed less flaky after the challenge. Her coat was nice and shiny as well.

Energy – Out of all the visible signs of health, Smush’s energy level was the most significant during and after the challenge. She mostly sleeps during the day but she wanted to get up and run around at the dog park which she hasn’t done in a year. We could not believe our eyes!

Digestibility – Since switching to Purina ONE’s wet food, we have noticed that she isn’t “hacking” as much as she typically used to. You know where it sounds like they’re about to puke all over your floor but don’t, haha. No more rushing to put her outside just in case!

Visible Signs of dog HealthPIN IT!

You could see a difference in 28 days when you make the switch to Purina ONE®. If you sign up now you can get a $3 off coupon and a personalized food recommendation for your pet. Every dog is different so you should consult a vet before making any big changes in your dog’s life.  We had great results after participating in the 28-Day Challenge however not all owners may see the same differences we did. No matter what, you do what is best for your dog and your situation to help your dog live a long and healthy life.

  • Eze Azubike

    It’s very kind of you to devote your time to caring for your dog. I wish both you and your dog all the best.

  • Brittany Vantrease

    Growing up, we had bigger dogs. I don’t know if we ever switched their dog food as they got older. I think we gave them glucosamine ro help with aches, but I wonder if they would have been more spry towards the end of we had changed their diet.

  • Jack

    I have 4 dogs at home and these will serve him well. Although we have not added much dog food we chose to use traditionally made food for them

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    I was looking for some info like this. I have a 14 years od dog and we are trying to make a change in her diet but we dont want to make a mistake as she is old and fragile. Going to put in action your recommendations, Thanks!