Disney’s Frozen – Movie Review

Disney's Frozen movie reviewPIN IT!While Christmas shopping for “Little E” I picked up a couple of Disney blu rays. One of them had a voucher for a free ticket to see Frozen so I was stoked as I had seen the trailer and thought it would be pretty cute.

So all of us decided to head to the theater to check it out tonight and could get in cheaper than normal….not that we wouldn’t have paid full price anyways but free doesn’t hurt.

Let me start off by saying that there was a short film in the beginning by Disney that was half “original” Mickey Mouse and half updated. It was entirely awesome and so neat to watch! Obviously most kids wouldn’t realize the difference as much but for everyone born in the 80’s and earlier, you definitely should check it out on youtube.

Frozen is basically about 2 sisters with one of them having the power of ice so to speak. When the girls are little the older sister Elsa, accidentally zaps Ava with her coldness which in turn harms her. The sister is taken to trolls to be healed and once she’s all better they advise the parents that Elsa’s power is only going to get stronger so it should be protected.

From that point on Elsa is separated from everyone and everything until her coronation day as queen where she gets upset and accidentally turns summer into winter. Elsa escapes into the woods and Ava chases after her making a new friend, Kristoff,  Sven & Olaf, along the way.

They eventually find Elsa and she refuses to leave her newly made ice castle. Ava begs and Elsa gets more upset and again accidentally but this time in her heart which is only curable by true love. As all fairy tales go, the movie plays out from there but not exactly in the same love story you would expect.

Frozen was hands down adorable! I haven’t laughed so much at a Disney in years. It was adorably cute and the characters are portrayed fantastically.

This movie had lots of music and songs throughout and honestly reminded me of Beauty and the Beast a little which is a win-win in my book. The songs by Ana were quirky and funny and I believe perceived her age well in the movie.

Every character had some little quirk or humor to them which made them all lovable. This movie exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend taking your little ones to see it.