DIY Colorful Heart Air Balloon Card

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching it’s time to start thinking about cards for your little one’s classes. Though there are tons of store bought cards you can get your hands on, why not make your own? Little one not in school yet? Make one of these DIY Colorful Heart Air Balloon Cards for your cutie pies.

List of Supplies:

  1. Colored Craft Paper – 4-5 different colors including white
  2. Scissors
  3. Craft Glue
  4. Black Marker or Gel Pen
  5. Pencil
  6. Template(you can find it here)

valentine's day card

DIY Colorful Heart Air Balloon Card Directions

Step 1

Print and cut out the patterns from the template link above. Take different colored craft papers and trace the patterns on the papers. Carefully cut out the traced patterns from the colored craft papers. Check the numbers for each pattern on the template.

valentine's day card

Step 2

Prepare the card by choosing the placement of the heart air balloon on the card. Take all the large heart patterns and fold them into half; apply glue along the fold. Place the folded heart in its place on the card like the one below.

valentine's day card

Step 3

Take another heart, fold it in half and apply glue along the fold. Carefully place it tightly beside the heart from step 2.

valentine's day card

Step 4

Keep folding and gluing the large heart patterns one by one to complete the heart balloon pattern. They should all line up like the photo. 

valentine's day card

Step 5

Once you’re done gluing the hearts, take the rest of the hearts of the air balloon and glue them in their places.

valentine's day card

Step 6

For the clouds, glue a small piece of thick cardstock paper below them to give them a popped up look. Write the quote ‘love is in the air’ or whatever you prefer, on the big cloud before gluing it on the card.

valentine's day card

Step 7

Done gluing the clouds? Now take the small heart patterns and similarly fold and glue 2 hearts side by side, around the air balloon. Allow the glue to dry and you’re done!

These cute little Valentine’s Day Cards take just minutes to create and your little one will enjoy putting in the work to make them for someone special. Stay tuned for more homemade cards coming your way soon!

DIY Colorful Heart Air Balloon Card“>

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