Do You Know Which House Plants Are Safe For Pets?

House Plants Are Safe For PetsPIN IT!Sleek, chic and tropical; indoor plants are an easy and inexpensive way to breathe life back into a drab interior. Pleasing to the eye, they’re also bursting with health benefits! Did you know that indoor plants can:

Improve Air Quality

NASA has been researching the impact of plants on air quality for a while now, and they’ve discovered that plants can remove trace levels of toxins from a tightly sealed room, and even remove small amounts of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air. Environmental pollution is everywhere and is especially potent if you live near a big city.

Lower Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a surefire way to trigger stress in your home. But plants can actually reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound through their stems, leaves, and bark. Like carpeting over hardwood floors, plants can also refract sounds and reduce interior echoes.Repel Mosquitos

Repel Mosquitos

Mosquitos are a real drag during the summer months. But certain types of plants can actually repel mosquitos.

House Plants Are Safe For PetsPIN IT!Deter Illness

Poor indoor air quality can sometimes trigger colds and the flu during peak months. Not only do indoor plants improve air quality, they also increase indoor humidity. While this may not sound optimal during the hot summer months, humidity helps deter dry coughs and sore throats. Some studies show that humidity helps curb the transmission of the flu virus.

But although plants are great for people, not all of them are right for our homes. Especially if we have pets. Certain indoor plants are actually pretty poisonous if ingested by your cat or dog! Not every pet is a naughty nibbler, and if you already have a potentially toxic plant in your home consider moving it safely out of reach from paws and jaws. There’s something very romantic about a leafy plant cascading down the side of a bookshelf; it’s also a great hack to make sure your small dog can’t get to it. Alternatively, you can also spray your indoor and outdoor plants with lemon juice mixed with water to keep curious noses at bay! Cats and dogs hate the smell of lemons, so if you have a pet that likes to chew on everything, consider adding lemon spray to even non-toxic plants to keep them in tip- top shape.

The following infographic is a handy chart that outlines the plants that are poisonous to pets — and the plants that are safe.

House Plants Are Safe For PetsPIN IT!


Although there’s nothing quite like the sight and scent of lilies, it’s best to keep them out of your home if you have pets and young children. Lily-of- the-Valley and Peace Lilies are both highly toxic. They contain calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause the tongue to swell dramatically.

If you suspect that your pet has eaten something toxic, call your vet at once. If you’re dealing with a midnight snack that has gone horribly wrong, you can call the pet poison helpline 24-hours a day, although they charge a $65 consultation fee.

  • Richard Gibson

    What a great read – and how well presented! We have three dogs and two cats at home, and ours are constantly knocking over the plants (the kids are pretty good at it too!) I hadn’t put any thought into whether our plants are pet safe or not before reading so thanks for the great (if slightly worrying) info. I will be sure to check them now!

  • stacey

    I figured most of the plants i have are toxic for pets. I don’t have any, but its good to keep in mind because I do pet sit from time to time.

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    This is a great list. I know my cats love to eat plants. I also
    Make sure my plants are non toxic to kids, as little kids love to chew on everything.

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    This is great information. I had no idea aloe was toxic for pets. I am going to pin this for future reference!

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    I have 3 dogs, so this is such an informative post for me! Seems I never know enough to help them living healthy!

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    This is a fantastic read! I didn’t know certain plants combat certain household health issues. So cool!

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    great read and very informative! thanks for sharing. i have a pug at home and want to keep him safe and healthy, so i will keep your pointers in mind! xo, sharon

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    I work really hard on our outside garden but I think I need to add some more indoor plants. I didn’t realize all the benefits! I also didn’t realize lilies were toxic to pets.

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    Great post. I love houseplants and gardening generally. This is a really great resource to have, thanks!

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    This is really helpful. I would recommend this to my mom, because we have pets in our house and she’s worried that they might eat the plants she recently bought which is might not that safe for them. I think she will be happy for this. Thank you. 🙂

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    I do not have any pets so I am not familiar with this. This was super informative!

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    I never even thought about which plants are safe for my animals. They currently live with my parents still and she has an aloe Vera plant. I hope my now outdoor cat doesn’t try to eat it.

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    I know that there are unsave plants for homes with pets but i admit I’ve never researched it and I have dogs!

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    This is definitely good to know with my little Yorky! Also if we get another pet in the future thank you for sharing

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    So good to know! I have many, many plants in my room where I do most of my work. I didn’t realize that some of them could harm my cat.. Thanks for sharing!

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    I’m not a plant-y person, so I do not have plants in my house that would cause my dog to be affected, but these are some good tips in case I ever decide to get any plants

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    I have a number of those plants in my home and, thankfully, my cat is not a nibbler at all. I love the health tips you mentioned as they are part of the reason why I love having indoor plants too. 🙂

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    Known for its beautiful, large split leaves, the swiss cheese plant is sadly not a good choice inside the house.