Earth Friendly Clothing: Why Hemp & Organic Cotton Matter

“This post is sponsored by prAna via Mom Bloggers Club.”

earth friendly clothingPIN IT!Whenever I have the opportunity, I aim to seek out eco friendly items for my family to use. I have a huge passion for the Earth and want to do my part in keeping it healthy. Even though I’ve tried looked for Earth friendly clothing I haven’t found many options out there that are, well, cute enough to wear. Then I heard of prAna’s line that offers sustainable, recycled, fair trade certified and hemp items.

prAna clothing is mindfully made to accommodate any adventure but most importantly to give back more than they take from the Earth. prAna has cleaned up beaches in Southern California to sending aid to areas affected by natural disasters. They also donate a portion of their proceeds, during the holiday season to Outdoor Outreach. Outdoor Outreach is a non-profit organization that works to transform lives by connection youth with the outdoors.

Why Hemp Matters

Why Organic Cotton Matters

Earth Friendly Clothing

prAna’s earth friendly clothing is super versatile and honestly has options that you can wear from the office to the gym. For instance I received a pair of their Mantra Pant and they are not only perfect for an office setting but I can totally practice yoga in them. They feel nice and are a higher quality than I would have imagined. They are made with 53% hemp overall, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and spandex. I’m a sucker for a relaxed fit so add that with a mid-rise waist and I was sold.

earth friendly clothingPIN IT!The second piece I received was the Cali Dress in black. Let me tell you, this dress is so flipping soft and 45% recycled polyester, but that’s not even my favorite part. I have a large chest and when I saw the built in bra I was skeptical. However, THIS DRESS FIT! I was so amazed and totally stoked(if you couldn’t tell) to wear the dress in public. Though it is a racer back cut, you can totally throw a light jacket over it and wear it to work.

earth friendly clothingAs you can see, from city streets to mountain peaks, prAna is there keep you covered(<–haha!) in an earth friendly flexible way. If you want to keep spreading the Earth positivity then consider making a prAna purchasePIN IT!. Why? Well with every purchase you make you will be making a positive impact on the world and paying it forward through prAna. You can also use the prAna promo code “S17PCLUBJH” and save 15% off through June 16th to get started as well.

  • Samantha

    I am loving those Mantra Pants! The fact that they are eco-friendly just make the that much more beautiful!

  • Lynz

    Those trousers and dress are adorable, I will be checking them out. I also love the ethics behind them, how awesome!

  • Esse D

    Wow. The pieces look so comfortable. I’m a fabric type of person and it has to really feel good touching my skin. It looks like it would, but I’d love to feel for myself.

  • Sondra Barker

    These look super comfy! I love that they are both sustainable, stylish, and comforting on the skin. I never thought much about they impact that my clothes made on the earth but after this article, my eyes are definitely opened. Great post!

  • Gina

    The mantra pant looks really comfortable to wear i like it.

  • Jay Colby

    This sounds like an great outfit. They’re stylish and comfortable.

  • Corinne & Kirsty

    These pants look amazing! I didn’t know this brand before! I agree that we must try to buy more sustainable! x corinne

  • rain

    Love Prana. I have some article of clothing from them too. They feel so comfortable.

  • Elizabeth O

    I love natural fibres in my clothing because they just feel so good against the skin and help the skin breathe. Cotton is on my favorite list.

  • MaryAnne

    Wow, those pants seems like being pretty confortable! great option for me!

  • Flambok

    It’s so interesting and new to know all of this, and they look so relaxing ! thank you for sharing this with us.