Eco-Boost Your Kids’ Summer Fun

Move over Reading and Writing & Arithmetic, there’s a new Three R’s in town, just in time for summer vacation: Reuse, Reduce & Recycle. We all know kids need ways to dissipate their boundless summer energy, so why not keep them busy learning and doing something productive like helping the environment.

Eco-Boost Your Kids' SummerNot to get all tree-huggery on you, but…on second thought, why the heck not? Hugging trees will at least keep your kids cool in the shade and we can all use some of that in these global warming days where (at least in Arizona where I live) the sun always seems to be set on Broil. Obviously there’s a lot more to our changing environment than the fact that it’s hot in the summer, but getting kids engaged in protecting our resources and learning about preserving our planet is a worthy goal, even if it is a tall order.

Happily the folks at Think Earth have come up with age-appropriate ways to introduce key eco-concepts with free, fun activities. Saving the planet is not a game, but kids don’t need to know that! As they watch videos, color their worksheets, sing songs and read fun stories, kids learn about things like where products come from and maximizing renewable resources (like paper from those ever-huggable trees), or saving energy by turning down thermostats and switching off unused lights.

Heady concepts like resources management, ecological interconnectedness and mitigating pollution might seem a bit much for young kids to process, until these big ideas are transformed into singing a song about littering, reading a story about why trees rock and learning little things kids can do around the house to help the environment—like turning off the faucet while they’re brushing their teeth.

Giving your kids hours of engagement and fun to keep young minds and hands busy, productive and thinking about a better future—now that’s a summer vacation helper!

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