Escape the Chase – Zombie Run

So being as I had NEVER heard of the Escape the Chase run and the website was extremely basic I was a little skeptical of giving this one a shot. However, that good ole living social deal knows I’m a sucker for cheap runs! The run started off pretty quickly with jumping into a muddy water ditch then continued on into a mud pit. I love runs that are REALLY good at making thick, nasty mud…it always brings a smile to my face. Throughout the run there were some pretty decent obstacles but nothing super crazy awesome. I was in the later wave and sadly most of the zombies had called it quits it seemed. Though there were a few that stuck it out in awesome areas that made it difficult to get past them. For example, we had to crawl through a mud pit and on the other side a zombie was waiting for us and because its so slippery and muddy, it was a definite challenge. Its kind of funny how your adrenaline gets going when even a fake zombie is after you. In the end there was a big tarp slide with a water truck just waiting for us. I have to say, more runs should make use of a water truck over hose showers. It got tons of us clean pretty quickly! Here are some sweet shots of some of the mud!