Explore the Possibilities with Fleming’s + Giveaway

Fleming’sLet me start off by saying that I’ve never eaten at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine BarPIN IT! before. I have driven by them, heard about them, but never indulged. I heard and about Fleming’s Southern Hemisphere Wine Harvest though and was sold.

Getting a babysitter is a hassle so it took us longer than expected for my husband and to finally get to enjoy a night out. Due to it taking so long we missed the Southern Hemisphere Wine Harvest menu. It was a bummer but I wasn’t going to let it stop us from trying everything else they had on the menu.

We arrived at Fleming’s and was quickly seated and greeted by our server. Since we had never been to Fleming’s we took our time scanning the whole menu while devouring their complimentary parmesan bread. It came with a smoked cheddar and a brie cheese that was amazing. We had like 3 loaves it was so good.

Fleming'sPIN IT!Decisions, Decisions

Finally, we made a decision on dinner and a side to share. We also indulged in a glass wine each since they had such an extensive list. I went with a simple Rose and the hubs went with a Cab. Mine was good but his, his was delicious.

Our meals took a while but they arrived hot, right off the grill and ready to eat. I had the double breast of chicken which was covered in white wine, mushroom, leek and thyme sauce. The sauce was the best! D went with a filet mignon and savored every bite. We realized we hadn’t tried the potatoes yet so we scooped them up and fell in love immediately. The jalapenos gave a tiny kick of flavor which was perfect for my pansy mouth. Totally their signature side dish for sure.

Of course, we indulged in dessert after because what’s a nice dinner alone without something sweet? We went with the Chocolate Lava Cake of course. It was a light chocolate cake with a molten center of Callebaut Belgian chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream and chopped pistachios. The cake was okay, the chocolate lava was delicious and I learned that I love pistachios and ice cream together.

Fleming'sPIN IT!Giveaway

We enjoyed our dinner so much that the Fleming’s team and I decided to partner up for this post and giveaway a $100 Giftcard to one lucky winner! Complete as many or as little tasks for entry points as you’d like. Good Luck!

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  • robin rue

    Fleming’s sounds great. I sure wish we had one around here – I would love to eat there.

  • Shannon

    I’ve never hear of Fleming’s before, but those pictures look delicious! It’s pretty cool that they were willing to do a giveaway with you.

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Oh wow. That food looks amazing! I would love to eat ALL THE FOODS!

  • Erin

    The dessert alone makes it look worth a visit!

  • Jeanna

    I would get appetizer of CHILLED SEAFOOD TOWER FOR TWO and then the PETITE FILET MIGNON.

  • Jessica Taylor

    I have never been to Flemings, but I always hear such great things about them. I really need to make the drive and test them out.

  • Diana G


  • Erin F

    I would totally order the Prime Bone-In Ribeye! Just looking at that menu, I am starving! There’s nothing better than a good steak! YUM!

  • Amy Castellano

    Well Fleming’s is known for their steaks, so I would order the petit filet mignon.

  • tara pittman

    I would order seafood. This would be great for when I visit my daughter in Vegas

  • Tammy Catterton

    NORTH ATLANTIC LOBSTER TAILS great item along with their fabulous dessert great food for sure there

  • Amber Myers

    The food looks amazing. I’ve never eaten here before but I so would. I need that chocolate lava cake.

  • Emily

    That chocolate cake looks so good! I’ve never eaten here but I’d love to try it.

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    That looks like an amazing steak house! I don’t think we have one of these in Canada. I would be headed there every date night if we did!!

  • Kristin Goodson

    I’ve never been there! The miso glazed Chilean sea bass sounds amazing.

  • Christine

    Wow, that sure looks like a great steakhouse!!! It’s a shame we don’t have any of these restaurants around here!

  • Ashvin Nankoo

    That steak looks so juicy and delicious. I would love to win the $100 but I have to spend another £500 on tickets to the US.

  • roch

    The chocolate lava cake looks so delicious yet sinful at the same time. I wouldn’t mind those calories though. I think they’re worth it!

  • Lindsay A Tullar

    god almighty this looks delicious! What a sweet giveaway!

  • Gwendolyn M Mulholland

    If I win one thing I want to get would be chilled seafood tower! It sounds delicious and would be a meal in itself.

  • ricci

    That food looks soooo good!! I am craving something sweet right now and that cake looks so GOOD!!

  • Claudia Krusch

    The food looks amazing. I would love to win a $100 Giftcard. It would be a great place for date night.

  • Victoria Heckstall

    Chocolate lava cake is makes my mouth-watering! It’s also my stress-reliever for sure.

  • Sincerely Ophelia

    Stress reliever <3 Love everything! Endless possibilities!

    XOXO //
    SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  • Elizabeth

    Oh my goodness what a fantastic looking restaurant! That steak is mouthwatering!

  • Jennifer

    Okay, this food looks SO good! I had steak for dinner but it was nothing like this! I would LOVE to try Flemings! I am a big steak lover and they sound like they’re a really good place to eat!

  • Anosa

    Why did I go over this post. I crave for the steak andI drool over the desert! How I wish I can have a taste of that too.

  • Akamatra

    Slourp! I am drooling! What a great place and how wonderful they are doing this giveaway!

  • Maria Magdalena

    I don’t think we have one of these in my town. Hope i can eat that steak.

  • Jeni Hawkins

    This sounds like it would be an amazing place to eat. We dont have one near where I live, but I wish!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Flemings I have heard of and heard nothing but good about them. I would love to try the chicken or the filet mignon. The dessert looks so good too. Yummy!! Thanks for sharing your amazing experience and the giveaway.

  • crystal carder

    The food looks amazing there! I’m pretty sure I don’t have one of those near me, but I would love to eat there!

  • Ana De- Jesus

    I would love to if I lived nearer to Flemings as that is a very generous giveaway. I am so glad that you really enjoyed your dinner x

  • Kathy

    Wow, this food looks amazing. I don’t think I have this place near me. It’s to bad because the food looks really good!

  • Terri Beavers

    Wow that food looks absolutely amazing. I would have to order a nice juicy steak cooked well done with a salad and potato.

  • Stephanie Pass

    I love going to a really good steakhouse. This sounds divine, and that lava cake looks amazing!

  • Liz A

    That dessert looks delicious. This whole post made me crave for steak!

  • Destany

    My husband would absolutely love this. What a great giveaway, too!

  • uprunforlife

    I haven’t seen a Flemings steak house. The food looks so good especially the dessert.

  • donna

    definitely would love to try the steak

  • rika

    I have never been to this restaurant. Sounds like the perfect spot for date night 😉 Love the steak!

  • Prasert

    the lobster tails look amazing!

  • Wanderlust Vegans

    Fleming’s doesn’t look very vegan friendly. I would try it if it had some vegan options though.

  • Echo

    I am a sucker for a great steak and boy, do these steaks look amazing! I wish we had one near us.

  • Laura

    I would get the double breast of chicken but everything sounds delicious!!

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    I have never heard of Fleming’s before. It looks like an amazing place to experience though. I checked out their website and learned that there is a location just north of us within driving distance. I definitely need to check them out.

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF RIBEYE is something I would love to check out when we visit. Looks like the perfect palce to take dad for Father’s Day!

  • Josselyn Radillo

    That steak is mouthwatering! and the chocolate dessert is so perfect!

  • Khushboo

    I can’t take my eyes off the food. I am feeling hungry just looking at it. Fabulous stuff by Flemings 🙂

  • Elizabeth O.

    This is lovely. It’s really important to have date nights especially when you have kids. I think you picked the perfect place! This sounds amazing! I’m sure the food is awesome.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love a great steak dinner. Fingers crossed!

  • Blair villanueva

    Foods looks delicious and artistically presented. I could imagine how charming to dine at Fleming’s. Goodluck to all the entries!

  • Jason

    Oh what a gobsmaking sight of the steak. From your description it sounds a lovely place to take my wife on a date. Thankyou

  • Mardene R Carr

    The food looks absolutely stunning and tasty. You did a great job at presenting this as well. Great presentation invites persons to want to partake

  • Marie

    the seafood tower looks amazing

  • Alex gilchrist

    Sounds like you had An amazing time! I would definitely go with a steak 👅💦 yum!

  • Timothy

    I think the seafood selection looks amazing

  • Hollie Jahnke

    The filet mignon and the chocolate lave cake sound really good!!

  • Brandon Sparks

    If I was lucky enough to be the winner I would take my wife for a romantic dinner and I would order the PRIME BONE-IN RIBEYE*, 20 OZ. for sure.. Yummy!!

  • amanda whitley

    i would order the PRIME NEW YORK STRIP* .

  • Meghan Buchman

    I’d totally order MAIN FILET MIGNON*, 12 OZ.

  • Lisa b

    Definitely a prime ny strip and some diablo shrimps

  • Kimberly

    Never heard of Flemings, but I’d try their steak.

  • Cindy Peterson

    I would order PETITE FILET MIGNON*, 8 OZ

  • Alanna f

    Andddd now I’m hungry lol.

  • bn100

    chocolate lava cake

  • Kelly D

    I would order the MISO GLAZED CHILEAN SEA BASS.

  • MaryAnn

    I would order the double breast of chicken

  • al

    Petite Filet Mignon

  • Laura

    I would order any of the Ribeye’s and the Chipolte Mac and Cheese sounds delicious.

  • Gabrielle V

    I would get the petit filet mignon! And of course a dessert 🙂

  • Geena O'Banion

    That filet mignon looks really good…I want to try it with potatoes. I am usually a vegetarian but this looks so good I will give it a try. The Chocolate lava cake looks good as well. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Madison

    I would probably order the crab legs!

  • Kristin McCall

    I know for a fact that their Salmon is to die for. I would to win this so I can take my husband for our one year anniversary on June 4. We love F lemmings but cannot go a lot since it is so expensive.

  • Pat

    I would order Double Breast of Chicken.

  • Tiffany S

    I would probably order the BARBECUE NEW ZEALAND SALMON FILLET.

  • Wendy R.

    We’ve never tried Fleming’s either! I bet the petite filet mignon would be awesome! And maybe a shrimp cocktail for an appetizer!

  • Natalie

    I would order the miso glazed Chilean sea bass.

  • Candace Miller

    I would order the lobster tails.

  • Maria B

    The steaks look amazing as well as DOUBLE-THICK PORK RIB CHOP*.

  • Sandy H

    I would want to try their filet mignon.

  • Allan F

    A petite Fliet Mignon sounds really amazing

  • Robin M

    Even though they are famous for their steaks, I like their seafood.

  • Rachel

    I would order the cold water king crab legs with drawn butter.

  • Melissa

    I’d try the Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass!

  • Nancy

    I would like to try their MAIN FILET MIGNON*, 12 OZ.

  • Will G

    I would order the main filet mignon.

  • Candace

    yummm! I would choose the COLD WATER KING CRAB LEGS.

  • shannon fowler

    I would get the double breast of chicken, but my fiancé would totally go for fillet mignon.

  • Jessica w.

    I would order a Prime New York Strip!

  • Geoff

    I’d order the crab legs

  • Dawn Thompson

    I would order dessert first! Then finish the meal with a great Rib-eye steak!

  • Meghan

    Definitely the lobster tails!

  • brittany marie thompson

    I’d order the TRUFFLE-POACHED LOBSTER with béarnaise sauce and caviar

  • Kristen

    I’d get the Double Thick Pork Chop.

  • Julie R

    I would love the petite filet mignon 8 oz!

  • Wehaf

    I would love to take my mom next time I visit her (she has one in town, but I don’t). I’d order the Fleming’s salad and a main filet mignon.

  • courtney b

    i would do the cocolate lava cake- since i have a major sweet tooth:)

    tanks! xoxox

  • Tina W

    I would get either the Prime Rib or the Ribeye. And maybe the jumbo lump crabmeat as a side.

  • Jenny Ham

    I would order the MAIN FILET MIGNON*, 12 OZ.

  • elizabeth miller

    The MISO GLAZED CHILEAN SEA BASS sounds amazing. I’d start with the Jumbo Lump Crab cake appetizers first.

  • Aaron B.

    I would order the Double Breast of Chicken.

  • missy w

    Maple glazed cut slad bacon

  • Elizabeth W

    Truffle poached lobster and NY cheesecake!

  • Minta Boggs

    I would have to take time and check out the menu but it sounds absolutely delicious!

  • Dana matthews

    I’d love to try the DOUBLE-THICK PORK RIB CHOP*
    julienne of apples and jicama, apple cider and creole mustard glaze,,,,sounds so good!

  • Kelsey

    Id order some salad and a filet!
    Thanks for the chance

  • Vera

    I’d start with the Sweet Chile Calamari , Petitie Filet Mignon and hope I had room for the Creme Brulee.

  • Heather Dawn

    I would get the Prime New York Strip.

  • Elizabeth H.

    The COLD WATER KING CRAB LEGS sound awesome.

  • Breanne

    I would order the Petite Filet Mignon.

  • emily lewis

    Havent been to flemings before but would love to try their PETITE FILET MIGNON*, 8 OZ, CRISPY BRUSSELS SPROUTS, wildberry sorbet to share for desert.

  • jberry

    The Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass is right up my alley.

  • Jeannette Harkin

    I would order the 8oz Petite Filet Mignon and french onion soup!

  • Jennifer H.

    I would like the PRIME DRY-AGED NEW YORK STRIP*, 16 OZ.

  • John H.

    I would like the PRIME BONE-IN RIBEYE*, 20 OZ.

  • Danielle

    Steak all day every day. lol.

  • Brenda Goldberg

    I would order The New Wedge salad, Crispy Brussels Sprouts, an 8 oz. Filet Mignon. No dessert for me as I would be full. I have eaten at Flemings one time and it was superb!

  • Linda Wilmer

    I too have never eaten at Flemings, but would love to try it. The one here in Richmond has a great reputation.

  • Beverlee Reilly

    I want the double breast of chicken which was covered in white wine, mushroom, leek and thyme sauce. Followed by the chocolate Lava Cake.

  • MichelleS

    I would order the MISO GLAZED CHILEAN SEA BASS

  • angela s.

    OH my!!!! That food looked AHHHHMAZING!!!

  • Chrissy

    I would order the main filet mignon with the black and white peppercorns!