Exploring One Tree Hill

exploring one tree hill

If you were a teenage girl growing up between 2003-2011 you probably watched One Tree Hill. I was obsessed with the show and it was my favorite. I was, of course, disappointed when Peyton and Lucas left the show and they didn’t take time to cover it in the show but I remained a loyal fan regardless.

In 2009, my sister decided that she was going to go to school in Wilmington, NC which was about 1-2 hour drive from where we were living. She wouldn’t be close but definitely not far. Well, I moved off to Hawaii but came back to visit yearly and on one particular visit she mentioned that One Tree Hill was filmed there. I was immediately stoked and made it a MUST do for that day.

After some research on Google, I found every location the show was filmed at and made a list. My best friend, who was also obsessed with the show, and I headed out to see what we could find. After exploring “One Tree Hill” for a couple of hours, here is a collection of all the popular spots that were used in filming that we were able to find.

The Houses

Checking out the houses was quite nostalgic. I wanted to run into to Peyton’s house to look at her closet door. Then I wanted to run into Lucas’ house just to see the whole layout.

exploring one tree hillexploring one tree hillexploring one tree hillexploring one tree hill

Karen’s Diner – Clothes Over Bros

Clothes Over Bros became a huge part of One Tree Hill with robbery to wedding dresses getting ruined, it was iconic. We were lucky enough to find the store mostly still in order, however, mannequins were all over the place.

exploring one tree hill exploring one tree hillexploring one tree hill102B0650exploring one tree hill

Club Tric

The most exciting and most let down venue was Club Tric. We were so excited to run up and find an abandoned warehouse only to find a lock and bolted door. We searched for windows but we had no luck sadly.
exploring one tree hill
exploring one tree hill

The Rivercourt

Donned as the most memorable location of the entire series, the Rivercourt. The Rivercourt may seem large on tv but in reality, it’s only this big. This is where Peyton and Lucas first interacted and where their love was professed in an ever creative letter on the court. It was seriously the most romantic scene ever.
exploring one tree hill

exploring one tree hill

The Infamous One Tree Hill Bridge

exploring one tree hill

exploring one tree hill

Every time I visit Wilmington, I always find myself wanting to visit the locations time and time again to relive my teenage years in a sense. Though these photos were taken 7-8 years ago now and Peyton’s river court love letter is long gone, the locations and my teenage mind still live there.

  • Briton

    I love Wilmington! I never watched One Tree Hill but I did watch Dawson’s Creek 🙂 Now I’m craving Kilwin’s!

  • Sarh S

    I watched the show a bit, wouldn’t say I was a big fan of it. But visiting all of those sites is totally awesome, huge fan or not!

  • Joanne T Ferguson

    What a fun post that made me smile today! I have many wonderful memories of Wilmington and your post brought them all back today!

  • R U S S

    Awww. You have to share your list with me – pretty please. I’m planning to do the same thing that you did. I watched every episode of OTH and I still have my One Tree Hill marathons. It was such a nice series and I hate that it had to end. Boo.

    • Jeska
      R U S S

      I don’t know if I still have it but I will definitely try to find it for you! I’m almost finished rewatching the show from beginning to end again!

  • Ourfamilyworld

    I’ve never been there, but it looks like a great place to visit. My daughter loved One Tree Hill.

  • Jaime Nicole

    That looks like a wonderful trip! I remember how excited I was to get to see some of the film sites for Goonies. Plus, Wilmington is gorgeous. So much fun – glad you got to go!

  • Tiaras & Tantrums

    I LOVE this show so much! I have all the season on DVD and rewatch them all the time!! Luke and Peyton forever!

  • Michele

    I grew up way before this show was on. Now Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza or Lassie and I’d be all over those places stat!

  • Elayne

    What a fun trip! I never saw the show One Tree Hill. Dawson’s Creek was more in my age range for that time. Glad to see you girls had a good time!

  • sharon phillips

    Wilmington N.C. is a beautiful place. I was there some years ago and loved it. I did not know the show was filmed there though as I have never watched it. I love little towns in the country.

  • brook devis

    well as i read the title of the post i was throw back in my memories of the series one tree hill which i use to watch very much .. i didnt neevr missed even one episode of it. i loved thet series

  • Stephanie

    I never watched One Tree Hill but I can see why you’d want to visit the sites. Especially those houses. They’re gorgeous!

  • Michele D

    Looks like a lovely place to visit. I’ve never been there yet but it’s definitely a place that I would love to. Love your pictures.

  • Lovely

    Clothes ove Bro’s!!!! Loved that show, the theme song was the best……remember the words! or was it the Dawson Creek Theme song

  • CourtneyLynne

    hehehehe my hubby would probably hate me for putting this on the Internet but he was obsessed with this show when I first met him lol… He would probably love to see all of this!

  • HilLeshaI'll have

    I never watched the show, but I have always been a little curious about it. I love watching older TV shows every now and then.

  • Krystal

    I would have loved to see this in person. It looks so beautiful and such a fun TV show too.

  • Kat B.

    I think the most beautiful place I have ever drove through was in North Carolina so I can imagine your trip was awesome. I love these pictures!

  • Marts

    I remember the show One Tree Hill but I can hardly remember the story. Anyway, it is always refreshing travelling the memory lane 🙂

  • Jess

    I loved One Tree Hill, this is an awesome thing to do! I did the Breaking Bad tour in Albuquerque a while ago and felt like a total geek but loved it 🙂