Fit Bit Flex Review

FitBit Flex

Let me start off by saying that I am undeniably, incredibly stoked to FINALLY have this bad boy! I seriously waiting 7 months for this thing to come out. The day finally came when it was released and before I could purchase mine they were on backorder for 6-8 weeks! I thought I was going to lose it but after calling 15+ stores and searching online, I found that brookstone had them in only 3 weeks. So though it was much longer than I wanted to wait I knew it was the only way I would get it sooner.

Here were the perks that sold me on the flex versus other active related bands:

1. syncs with your phone
2. tracks your sleeping patterns
3. its waterproof people, waterproof!
4. silent alarm
5. goal settings
6. compete with friends
7. its only $99

Moving on, the fitbit flex came in easy to open, slim packaging. Once I opened the box there was the flex itself, some usb cords, and a smaller sized flex band. I have small wrists so the small band was much appreciated! From there all you have to do is plug the flex into your computer and follow the instructions for installation.

After all that good stuff was set up and I had synced it to my phone it was time for bed. I know, lame! However, the flex monitors your sleeping and tracks how long and how well you slept so that was a bonus! Unfortunately I did not sleep very well and when I checked my flex it agreed by stating I woke up 9 times in the night which was pretty accurate! Monitoring sleep, check.

Next I wore it in the shower even though I was pretty nervous about messing it up. It just feels so wrong wearing a technological bracelet in the shower! However, fitbit stuck to its word and the flex survived! This means it will survive when I swim laps in the pool and my sweat won’t mess it up when running in the hot hot heat of Arizona. Waterproof, check.

Another feature that I was sure wasn’t going to work well was the silent alarm. I’m not a light sleeper and the though of something just vibrating to wake me up make me question its capability. The next morning waking up to that buzzer on my arm was actually nice! No loud and annoying alarm that gives me a heart attack half of the time and as a double bonus, it won’t wake my little one up!

Goals and the “competition” …. aka your friends, lol. On the fitbit app or online you can set up your own goals from how many steps you want to take in a day to miles to how many calories you need to eat to reach a certain weight, etc. These are all super easy to change on the app too if you decide that your goal may have been a little hefty!

Last but certainly not least, its only $99. Let me repeat, $99! Many other bands start at $99 or much higher and aren’t as accurate nor as awesome! Plus, fitbit makes several different colors in band options were the other just are what they are..not interchangeable!

I would certainly recommend the fitbit flex to anyone who looking at purchasing any sort of sports/active related band. Its durable, up to par with everything it stated it can do. I love it!

All opinions in this review are those of my own. FitBit did not compensate me for this post. You are welcome to check out their products at

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