Fitting 3 Car Seats In a Sedan

Car Seats In a SedanPIN IT!

With baby number 3 on the way, fitting three car seats in a sedan has become a task. The safest car seats are normally rather bulky and when you need more than one in a sedan, well that seems impossible. Most people at this point decide to get a whole new car as their options seem limited. Though we do want to upgrade, we won’t be able to before our new arrival so finding a solution has been key.

Fitting 3 Car Seats In a Sedan

We played with many options when it came to car seats until we found the perfect way to fit 3 car seats in a row in our car. With some mixing and matching and found that we could use 3 different Graco car seats to make everyone fit without squishing. Here is how we made 3 car seats fit in a sedan.

School Age Car Seat

Car Seats In a SedanMy oldest is 8 and is not legally bound to sit in a booster any longer, however, I feel differently. I’m a strong advocate for car seat safety and would rather be safe than sorry so my kiddos will stay in car seats as long as legally allowed. For Evan, we use a Graco Backless TurboBooster Booster Car SeatPIN IT!. These boosters are easy, lightweight, and safe. I love that it has two hidden cup holders that you can utilize if needed. You can pick one up for roughly $25.

Newborn Car Seat

Car Seats In a SedanMax was using a Graco 4ever All-in-One car seatPIN IT! which we love. It is large but the car seat is good for, wait for it, ten flipping years. Talk about a good investment! The car seat is a 4-in-1 car seat that can be used from 4-100lbs. Since this car seat is one that will last a child’s car seat career, we’ve decided to get a smaller car seat for Max and transition this one to be the new baby’s car seat. I know she will be super comfy and since it reclines in 6 different positions, she can sleep without fuss on our car rides.

Toddler Car Seat

Car Seats In a SedanWith the new baby taking over the Graco 4ever car seat, we had to find Max a new car seat that would be just as safe but not as bulky. Luckily we found the Graco Slimfit All-in-OnePIN IT! to be the perfect option! Much like the 4ever seat, the Slimfit is good for 10 years and holds 5-100lbs. The two car seats are very similar in build except the Slimfit is well, slimmer by 10%. One really cool aspect of the Slimfit seat is that the cup holders rotate. Meaning you can simply rotate away to save precious back seat space when you don’t need them.

Why Graco?

Car Seats In a SedanPIN IT!When it comes to car seats, there’s 3 must haves for me to consider. Those attributes being quality, safety, and affordability which Graco ranks in easily. Graco is the largest car seat manufacturer out there and their quality has only raised the more they grow. As for safety, Graco car seats are rigorously tested to make sure they meet or exceed all US FMVSS safety standards. No worries when it comes to a safe ride for your little ones. Lastly, affordability is one that I can definitely vouch for. I have been able to get every Graco product I’ve owned for under $300 which I can’t say I’ve been able to do with any other brand.


To save even more money, Graco at Walmart ensures the best convenience and cost savings so you can get all the bang for your bucks. beat out the prices of every other retailer so I was able to snag the Slimfit car seat for less. When checking out I was able to choose shipping or in-store pick up without a hike in the price. I picked up the seat in a jiffy and highly recommend this option!

  • Marlene

    The slim fit looks great!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Graco products have always been the ones I used and every other person I know as well. I love that they meet all of the US FMVSS safety standards which is important to any parent. Thanks for sharing the information.