Four Crafty Storage Solutions for Your Garage

Your garage has more potential storage space in it than you think. Even with your car parked inside, the walls and ceiling of your garage can hold a considerable amount of you and your children’s things without cluttering up the overall space. All you need is the right storage implements and a DIY attitude. 

Before you start to organize your garage, you will want to start with a cleared out garage. This may sound like a big task to start but it will make organizing much easier. Suck it up and move everything onto the driveway so you can see what you are working with. This will make grouping like items a smoother process. Once you have everything out then its time to start putting it back in. Here are four crafts storage solutions for your garage to add space and appeal. 

Organize the Walls

Storage Solutions for Your GarageImage via FlickrPIN IT! by Rubbermaid Products

The best remedy for a garage cluttered with boxes and storage bins is a wall organization system. Install shelves to hold boxes, bins, and larger items that need to be kept off the floor, and then label each shelf so you know exactly where to find things. That way, you don’t end up pulling out the beach gear when you’re looking for the bike pump. To hold garden tools, coats, helmets, and even golf bags, home storage hooks are the answer. Your most needed items will be out in the open without creating clutter.

Hang Storage on the Ceiling

Floor and wall space in the garage is at a premium because you need space for the car, too. But how often do you think about using the ceiling? Part of the ceiling has to stay open because it’s where the garage door rolls when it opens, but you’re still got a significant amount of square footage up there that you can use for storage. Mounted racks create floating shelf space that you can use to hold plastic bins. The most convenient come with pulleys so you can raise and lower the racks without getting a ladder. If you only have a small amount of ceiling space, get heavy-duty hooks and hang bicycles from the ceiling.

Divide the Space

Finding what you need in the garage is difficult because things tend to end up all over the place and mixed in with each other. By categorizing your garage space into areas that serve different storage needs, you make it easier to find the items you’re looking for. Portion out your space depending on what you need to store; make an area for outdoor recreation equipment, another area for tools, and a third for yard work implements. Between five and eight small categories around the garage will do the trick.

Put up a Peg Board

Storage Solutions for Your GaragePIN IT!

Perhaps you store all your tools in one place, but tool boxes and chests get messy fast. A peg board is an easier and neater way to store your tools. Once you’ve laid out where everything is going to hang, trace each object or create a label for each spot. That way everything goes back where it should as soon as you or your family members are done. Peg boards are great storage solutions for small garages that barely fit one car since they lay almost flat to the wall, even with tools hanging from them.

Start rearranging that cluttered garage! You might be surprised to find that you have enough room for the kids’ bikes, the sleds, your tools, and all the beach equipment, too.