Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Somewhere in-between finals, prom and sending the kids off to college, there’s summer vacation. It’s a time the kids look forward to all year, but most parents have mixed feelings. Of course, they’re excited to spend a little more time with the kiddos, but what will you do?

It can be challenging to come up with fun, new ideas every year, especially as the kids get older. So, I’ve put together a list of fun summer activities the whole family can enjoy:

Make & Take Fair – One Saturday a month, you can take your kids to the South Mountain Environmental Education Center for their Make and Take Fair. It’s free for kids of all ages to come and create science-based crafts and activities.

Car racing – If you’re a NASCAR family, you’re probably gearing up for the Phoenix sports car racing season that starts in November. In the meantime, you can catch some of the summer races on television as a family.

And even if you have no interest in NASCAR or watching races, you can still enjoy car racing as a family. Try getting out there on some Go-karts!  

Princess party – If you have young ladies in your family, they may love the Princess Party Grand Ball at the Legacy Ballroom. Even though it’s a princess party, there’s fun to be had by all. With face painting, activities, entertainment, and dancing, your entire family will surely have a ball. The event takes place on Saturday, August 12.

Water parks – With brutally hot Phoenix days, most of us are thinking about hibernating for the summer. But let’s not forget about the Oasis Water Park. This aquatic attraction gives us a way to enjoy time outdoors during the intense Arizona heat. If you’re tired of the Oasis or just want to try something new, take a drive to Glendale to experience Wet N’ Wild or ride the waves at Big Surf in Tempe.

Take a hike! – Although you’ll want to start early (like the crack of dawn) to beat the heat, Phoenix has some amazing hiking spots that’ll take your breath away. Try Camelback Mountain, South Mountain Par or Papago Park. Just be sure to bring enough water for everyone. Even in the early hours, the heat can get intense.

Visit an aquarium – Most of the attractions in an aquarium are indoors, so it’s a great mid-day summer activity. And there are a few stellar options in the Phoenix area. Depending on which you choose, you may see sharks, crabs or even penguins amongst a myriad of fish. Here are your options: Odysea Aquarium, Sea Life Arizona, Wildlife World Zoo (also a safari park) and Butterfly Wonderland.

Especially if you have one going off to college soon, you want to make this summer memorable. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel far to have some fun and make great memories.

Instead of spending your days wondering what you’ll do, try one or all of the items on this list.

Do you have any favorite summer activities that I’ve missed? Let me know!