Getting Out of Sticky Messes with Goo Gone

Anyone who is the parent of a toddler knows that they get into everything. Movies, pots & pans, even the trash. My toddler’s favorite thing to do currently is pull tons of stickers out of his Mickey Mouse sticker book and place them everywhere. He likes to wear them as tattoos and decorate the floors. Honestly I use to get frustrated but now I’ve found the miraculous Goo Gone.

goo goneGoo Gone works as a magic eraser to all my toddler’s messes and even some of my own. Using the Goo Gone spray gelPIN IT! I’ve found tons of ways to get rid of sticky messes that I’ve never found a solution too.


Being that we have tile flooring downstairs, stickers are my number one enemy. If I catch them right away I can peel them right up but if I find them days later well, I’m not so lucky. Unlike oils, all you have to do with Goo Gone is spray, let it sit then wipe up. Here is a little before and after of a Donald Duck sticker that had been stuck to my floor for a week or two now.

goo gonePIN IT!


Every child is different and even though my oldest didn’t color the walls, Baby M is a little more mischievous. We try to make sure that all crayons and markers and picked up and out of reach but toddlers can be tricky. I did not color my walls on purpose to do a before and after of this but I have previously used Goo Gone to remove crayon from walls and tile and it works like a charm.

Dry Erase Board

I’m not sure how many people use dry erase boards but I do. Well a dry erase calendar that is. Every month I wipe it clean and start over. However one day I was in good ole Target and saw these neon dry erase markers that I had to have. I was so excited to get home to use them only to find out that only 2 of them were as vibrant as they appeared. For Halloween last year I wrote Happy Halloween with the orange marker and at the end of the month when I went to erase it wouldn’t come off. I have tried everything to get it off but there’s always been an orange blob on my calendar ever since.

goo gonePIN IT!

Nail Polish

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes I have accidentally spilled polish on the floor. I know, amateur move. Regardless, getting nail polish out of the flooring has never been a task I’ve been able to accomplish. So imagine my surprise when it said on the bottle that it could handle it! I was shocked and actually did put it to the test on a spot that had been compromised. It took some scrubbing but it came up!

As you can see these are just some of the many uses of Goo Gone to help you get out of sticky messes. For around $4 for a 12 ounce bottle of the Goo Gone, you can’t beat it!

goo gonePIN IT!

  • Carol Cassara

    Wow. I have heard of this but never tried it. I need to get some–it sure would come in handy…

  • Melanie Smith

    Goo Gone is an amazing product. I can’t live without it.

  • Elizabeth O.

    Having this at home would be so convenient especially if you have kids around. I think it’s a great product and it’s super functional as well. I love it!

  • Amy Jones

    I really want to try this product out, those are awesome results

  • Jamela Porter

    I use Goo Gone for everything! It is perfect for anything and everything sticky and for when my kids get into their stickers.

  • KRisti wheeler

    I have forgotten about Goo gone. It erases dry erase marker. Oh man, I need this! I need it for removing the stickers too. What is it with kids always dropping sticks all over the flood! Thanks for the reminder!!!

  • CourTneYlynne

    Omg I so need this!!!! My daughter is sticker obsessed do I end up with sticker mess everywhere

  • Enricoh Alfonzo

    I definitely need to get this for our home! Sometimes my family can be slobs lol would be great to keep this handy