The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Yogi in Your Life

Gift Guide for the YogiPIN IT!Picking out the perfect gift for the yogi in your life isn’t always easy. Most yogis enjoy picking out their own items and that’s okay. However, there comes a point in life when a gift needs to be bought, where does a person start? As a yoga lover, I’d like to think I can give a decent inside look at what a yoga lover would love to receive as a gift.

#1. adidas Leggings and Tank

Who even does yoga without adidas leggings? Add one of their wanderlust tanks and halter sports bra (to keep the girls in during down dog!) to the yoga outfit and they’re going to look amazing. I have to say that adidas workout clothing aka athleisure is super comfortable and perfect for working out or doing yoga in. The fabric quality is like no other and they last forever! Do your yogi friend a favor and snag them an outfit.

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#2. A Zen Garden

Haven’t you ever just wanted to relax but weren’t sure how or where? A Zen Garden can help take the stress out of your life. A Zen Garden is perfect for the yogi because you get access to the most tranquil parts of life. Most Zen Gardens have awesome water features, trees, bushes, stones, tiny rakes and/or a variety of other natural items to help you relax. It may sound silly but if you get your hands on one, you’ll be hooked too!

#3. Crystals

Crystals symbolize so much to the yogi. Different crystals symbolize different things and can help with aligning your chakras. A few crystals that you might consider adding to your wish list this year are the following:

  • Clear quartz: Helps you to gain clarity of mind and spiritual growth.
  • Fluorite: You may find this crystal is perfect for helping you to improve concentration. Some even say it can help with not feeling restless.
  • Hematite: This crystal can help you feel more spiritually grounded.

#4. Crystals Healing Book

When you want to heal yourself, a crystals healing book can work wonders. One of my favorites is the Crystals Healing Book. Knowing how to use crystals to heal based on size, color, and shape is a powerful tool. If your yogi friend is interested in crystals but needs some guidance, check out a crystals for beginners book. On the contrary, if they do work with crystals, maybe grab them Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure to dive a little deeper.

#5. Mantra Band

If you don’t own a Mantra Band, you’re missing out. Mantra Bands are simply elegant bracelets. The mantra on the band helps serve as an everyday reminder of who you are and who you’re striving to be. These bands can serve as your inspiration, affirmation, and motivation. I personally own 3 of them and wear them all of the time. They also just released Mantra Rings too!

#6. Apple Watch 4

As a yogi, an Apple Watch 4 is awesome in so many ways. My favorite part is that it syncs with my iPhone, so I can be on the same page all the time. I love being a yogi because it helps keep me cool, calm, and collected and my Apple Watch 4 is a tool to help me along the way. Whether I’m listening to music or timing myself with something, it’s a great asset to my lifestyle.

#7. Aerial Yoga Sling

As a person who does yoga on a regular basis, I feel as though everyone should try out an aerial yoga sling. A yoga sling can give a personal and fun way to strengthen your various postures. The yoga sling offers extra support, so you feel confident in whatever yoga pose you’re doing. Nothing stretches you as good as aerial yoga.

#8. Water Bottle

To the yogi who doesn’t bring water with you to your practice, that’s about to change! You just need the perfect water bottle that encourages you to drink water! Staying hydrated is an important part being centered, so make sure you get one you love! The Everydlife Crystal Water bottle is a perfect option. They are gorgeous and help make drinking water so much more fun!

#9. Yoga Mat Towel

If you’re yogi has never used a yoga mat towel then be prepared to rock their world. A yoga mat towel can help any person doing yoga not slip! You’ll need all the extra footing and grip you can get while doing yoga, as most of the time yoga is done without shoes on. A yoga mat towel has saved me from having to clean my mat as often and from falling on my face a few times!

#10. Wanderlust Ticket

What if you could get your hands on a never-ending list of festivals, classes, and events dedicated to yoga? Well, you can with a Wanderlust ticket! Wanderlust comes around yearly to my area and there is no greater feeling than being surrounded by hundreds of like-minded yogis all breathing and practicing in one giant unison. Wanderlust also offers tons of mini-classes which are the bee’s knees. I’ve participated in aerial yoga, slacklining, and more!

I hope you get some incredible ideas for the yogi in your life. This is truly the ultimate gift guide for the yogi, is it not? If you’re a yogi, what would be the #1 item you’d want on this list?

“This post was sponsored by adidas, all opinions are my own.”