Give It All You’ve Got


I am a part of a couple of Spartan Race groups that like to discuss any every topic about running but more so Spartan Races in particular. When a race is coming up I like to browse the group to get motivated and excited about the upcoming run. One of the groups, in particular, was great for this but things quickly changed after my last race in Vegas.

I noticed after all was said and done that the negativity started to fill the page. People were complaining about how dry the run was and how there wasn’t enough water. Others were complaining about the people complaining. Yes, the Las Vegas Super Spartan Race was hot and dry and more water would have been great but they tell you to prepare and train ahead. I think those who aren’t used to the desert weather should maybe didn’t prepare enough. Should they complain? No. Should others shame them because they weren’t prepared? No.

On a weekly basis, I see people shaming others for not doing burpees or for not filling their rock buckets up all the way. Here is where I think it goes too far. You do not know these people, you do not know their struggles, their injuries, their fitness level, you know nothing.

I can only imagine being new to Spartan Races and joining a group like these only to be immediately discouraged by the negative posts. Seeing people telling others to “Spartan the fuck up” would only make me feel like I wouldn’t be able to complete a race even if I wanted to.

Not everyone makes these comments but the negativity is common enough. So next time when you want to post something that you think some else could have done better or differently just think about how you would read it if you were brand new to Spartan Races and had never heard of them. Spartan Races should be about camaraderie, not shaming. And if you are new to Spartan Races or if you’re considering running one then give it all you’ve got! Do whatever you need to do to make it through the race and push yourself to places that you personally never thought you could go.



  • Marge

    I’ve heard Spartan races are tough. Obviously I don’t have experience with them. I was wondering is there a difference between Spartan race and mud run/tough mudder?

    • Jeska

      Yes there is! Spartan is largely focused on endurance and strength where the others are more for fun in my opinion. Yes, you climb walls and do obstacles but they are nothing like Spartan. You should definitely give one a shot if you like OCR’s as it will challenge you for sure!