Glow Rush 5k

Though I’m not really a fan of glow in the dark runs, I am intrigued by scavenger hunts. The Phoenix Glow Rush run was just that, a scavenger hunt in downtown Phoenix. I convinced 2 friends to join in in the fun so we all met up at Alice Cooper’s bar where the run started. We got our bibs and glow gear then “suited up” so to speak. Each team was given an envelope and we weren’t allowed to look at what was inside until the countdown.

Once the horn blew we immediately opened our envelope and started running for the first clue. This worked for the first 3 spots then after that we had to start pulling out our phones. All three of us are not Arizona natives so we honestly had no idea on any downtown Phoenix history.

Our phones helped a bit but not enough for us to finish any earlier than an hour. It took us quite a while to figure a few of them out but eventually we collected all of our ticket stubs and made it to the end. The promoters encouraged everyone to stay around and see if the tickets we had were winning numbers for prizes they had put together. These prizes were handed out by Miss Arizona but were terribly lame.

We took a group picture on the green screen, grabbed a drink, then headed home.

Overall, the run was a fun idea but failed in quite a few areas. Everyone had the same order of items and didn’t have to follow them necessarily in order. This had people running where ever groups of people were standing and waving. I wish it were more discreet and split up so everyone would actually have to figure out each clue to move on to the next. Would I do it again, eh? Maybe?