From Gym to Work: What You Need in Your Gym Bag

Need in Your Gym BagPIN IT!Though I have the luxury of usually going from home to the gym, not everyone has that privilege. Most people fit in their gym time before heading to work or on their lunch break. With different gym schedules, different gym bag items are needed. That’s why I compiled this list of everything you need in your gym bag when headed from the gym to work.


This is a given right? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten my deodorant though because I’m switching it between my gym bag and bathroom. The best way to solve this is to grab one of the travel size deodorants like Secret Outlast to throw in your gym bag.

Cooling Items

Living here in Arizona, cooling items couldn’t be more perfect. MISSION Athletecare has an entire line of EnduraCool Instant Cooling Gear to keep your body temperature down when you need it most. From towels to headbands to hats, you can throw any of their items in your gym bag for an instant cool down. 

Body & Foot Wash

Rinse away that lingering scent of sweat with Art Naturals Body & Foot Wash. Infused with all-natural tea tree oil, you can truly cleanse while eliminating bacteria microbes and fungi, soothing and hydrating even the most delicate skin.

For the more intense fitness fanatics, this wash also brings rapid relief to pain and soothing relief to itchy, dry and inflamed skin while clearing nails of fungus and bacteria (if you forget your shower shoes). It is also commonly used to help relieve the irritation associated with a host of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, psoriasis, and ringworm.

Pura Vida Sponges

Freshen up on the run! These sponges are a 3-in-1 soap, washcloth and loofah, formulated with plant-based cleansers and botanicals that are biodegradable. Tough on grime, these soap-infused sponges pack small and dry quickly to travel well, making them perfect for heading straight to work from the gym. 

Hair Oil

If there is one thing that suffers from my constant workouts, its my hair. The sweat, hair washing, everything dries it out so easily. Don’t forget to pack a small bottle of hair oil to keep your ends happy and healthy.

Facial Wipes

Worried about your face getting over washed? Throw in a pack of emerginC scientific organics facial cleansing wipes. These wipes are 100% natural, biodegradable, and compostable. They are formulated with organic aloe vera, a proprietary fruit extract blend, witch hazel extract, lacto-fermented radish root and honeysuckle. No harsh chemicals needed to get that squeaky clean face.


Though you’re all clean now you can’t forget the parfum! Pinrose has created the Parfum-a-Go-Go set offers a fun, convenient new way to travel with luxury fragrances at a fraction of the price. This kit offers a chic iridescent make-up pouch filled with 20 one time use soft tissues soaked. Pinrose’s premium fragrances are manufactured in the USA, phthalates and paraben-free, and made with the highest quality essential oils, naturals, and synthetics.

Karma Water

This new line of Probiotics Water by Karma is the first of its kind that provides a method for drinking probiotics along with the vitamins, thus supporting the immune system, enhancing digestive health and improving metabolism. I personally find these handy but they are a lot sweeter than one would expect. 

Omega Oils

Once you’re clean and ready to head back to work don’t forget to take your oils! Genesis Today offers an awesome blend of Omega 3-6-7-9 in a capsule which is perfect for your joints. These plant based Omegas support long healthy nails and hair too so bottoms up!

Pain Meds

Sometimes when we work out we get a little too excited and maybe lift a little more than we should. When your Omega oils can’t handle all the pressure Genexa is here to rescue you.  Genexa is a non-GMO organic medicine line that offers Arnica and Leg Cramp Rx for all of your fitness pains. I personally found these meds to work wonders and are always in my gym bag now.

How many of these products do you carry in your gym bag? Anything else you would add?



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