Halloween Treats For Kids

From ghosts to witches, Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. It always mesmerized me as a child and now to see Max loving all the “spooky” decorations, I get even more excited. Since we have already decked the house in cobwebs, we are down for making some Halloween treats for kids.

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats

Kiddos love rice crispy treats so why not put a spin on them?! Kids will love sinking their teeth into these.
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Giant Mummy Cookie

Talk about easy peasy and cute as pie. This giant mummy cookie is perfect for a baking toddler!
Halloween Treats For Kids

Frankenstein Kiwis

Halloween treats for kids doesn’t always have to be about sugar. Sometimes dressing up fruit is all you need to have a sweet and healthy treat.

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Gummy Eye Balls

What to get a little spookier with fruit? These gummy eyeballs are perfect for a creepy Halloween treat.

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Halloween Pretzels

These are probably my favorite Halloween treats for kids. They are simple, cute, and totally customizable.

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Silly Spider Cookies

What little kid doesn’t love spiders?! These are adorably cute and delicious! Kids of all ages will eat them up!

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Gummy Leeches & Worms

I’m not going to lie, these look pretty gross but they taste pretty darn good! These are on the spookier side of Halloween treats for kids for sure.

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Halloween Eyeball Cake Pops

Keeping up with the spooky side of treats, these eyeball cake pops are a great middle ground. A delicious gluten-free bite of sweetness.

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Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

Nothing is more fitting than candy corn cookies for Halloween. These are not only cute but deliciously easy to make. Halloween Treats For KidsPIN IT!

No matter what kind of treats your littles prefer, there are plenty of options to choose from. From spooky to cute you can create lots of goodies in the kitchen for years to come. Make sure to click each photo for the recipe!