Have an Early Teether? Teething Jewelry is the Answer!

My first son didn’t get his first tooth until 10 months old so imagine my surprise when I noticed my 3 month old had a little white speck of a tooth peeking through last week! Teething babies are no fun. Not only are they cranky, they’re just miserable and in pain.

Just like my first son, my youngest one can leave me soaking wet from my hair to my shirt to my jewelry in their mouth within 10 minutes or less. I feel bad because I know sucking and chewing helps with the pain but jewelry can get rather dirty from wear and tear and its just kind of unsanitary in my eyes.

pink teething jewelryMany people know about Sofie the Giraffe and the more infamous amber teething necklaces. Since my little guy is so young I don’t feel comfortable putting an amber teething necklace around his neck when it probably would be too big currently. As for the teething toys and Sofie, his grasp isn’t quite there yet to hold onto these things.

This is where teething jewelry comes into play. Teething jewelry is the easiest and to me, safest way to ease your teething babies mouth. Using teething jewelry gives them the option of something safe and easily accessible to chew on. I received two sets of Beabies teething jewelry and put them to the test! Not only are they soft and fashionable but they also come in many different styles with many color options. These necklaces have worked wonders! They come with a necklace and bracelet so I keep one in the car and one in the diaper so that I have one handy at all times.

So if you’re baby is teething way earlier than you could imagine like mine, check out Beabies Teething Jewelry and pick up a few sets. You won’t regret it!

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