Healthy Eating Myths and Facts

There are tons of healthy eating myths that get passed around as facts. It’s time to set the record straight and learn which statements are actually fact and which are fake.

And if you’re still unsure, it’s best to get your nutrition advice from professionals or people who work in the organic food supply business. Don’t always believe what you hear you’re your great aunt, ask a company like Clearspring instead.

Or, refer back to this to debunk the healthy eating myth.

The sugar found in fruit makes it as unhealthy as sweets

This is a complete myth! Although it’s true fruits contain a high amount of sugar, this sugar is naturally occurring. Plus, with fiber also being present in fruit, the way we metabolize it is different from our bodies metabolizing the sugar from sweets.

The fiber in fruit is also beneficial to the healthy kinds of our gut bacteria. It helps to feed our gut bacteria and promotes a healthy gut.

Sweets are coated in refined sugar. This means the sugar has been highly processed, so much so, it can hardly be considered a natural product.

Always opt for a piece of fruit over a sugar-coated sweet.

Veganism isn’t rich enough in protein

This is a statement that many meat-eaters use to defend their diet. However, a vegan diet can easily contain plenty of protein. In fact, there are even vegan bodybuilders that prove this.

You can consume protein from many vegan-friendly foods, such as; beans, chickpeas, nuts, tofu and more.

So, next time someone is giving you a hard time for being vegan you can share this with them and they’ll have to retract their earlier statement.

Who knows, you might even get an apology!

Nuts are extremely fattening

Although nuts do contain a lot of fat, these type of fats are beneficial for us. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s healthy to stuff your face with nuts but next time you’re snacking, a handful of nuts would be good for you.

Where you surprised by any of these facts?

Share these healthy eating myths and facts with people you know who believe some of the myths!

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