Hot Chocolate 5k/10k Run

hot chocolate 5k

When I first heard about the hot chocolate 5k I immediately was interested. Who doesn’t want to run for chocolate? I checked out the information and thought the pricing was a little high but it stated that it came with a jacket versus a t-shirt so that persuaded me a little.

Once I got to the run it was very cold out for Phoenix, somewhere in the 40’s I believe and for those of you who don’t know me…anything below 60 degrees is cold to me. Remember, I’m used to Hawaii “winters.” Anyways, I was surprised at the number of runners that had signed up. There was definitely a couple thousand if I had to guess.

Since it was so nippy outside I decided to do the run in a black, white, and pink giraffe onesie. Yes, its exactly what you’re imagining. A grown adult in a life-size baby outfit. However, running in something out of the norm always gets you more photo opportunities. There was also a group of rad Oompa Loompas running behind me as well.

The run finally started with some music to get you going and we were off! After getting through the crowd of walkers who weren’t aware of the walk-right rule, it was smooth sailing. Nothing too exciting along the run, just a normal path which was fine but I honestly find runs like this boring. Either way, there was going to be chocolate at the end.

Finally, the end was in sight with spectators cheering, music blaring, and photographers lining the sides. Once I crossed the finish line I headed straight for the hot chocolate tent. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be cold again and a short wait I had my cute mug filled with melted chocolate, pretzels, wafers, marshmallows, bananas, and most importantly Ghirardelli hot chocolate.  Now I have always been a hot chocolate fan but a lot of it usually comes out bland. Well let me tell you, Ghirardelli hot chocolate kicks all other hit chocolate’s asses. It was the most delicious beverage I’ve ever tasted! Then adding in all the snacks with the melted chocolate was glorious.

All in all, I will do the run again this year. I had a good time and the chocolate at the end was all well worth it. The staff and volunteers were great and the entertainment kept many runners around instead of heading straight home after. Also, the jacket was a nice windbreaker type jacket which I love to use for rain here BUT word is that they have upgraded to hoodies now which I will also gladly accept.