How Do You Go Pink for October?

Every year around this time I can’t help but think about all of the breast cancer warriors out there. More importantly, I think about my step mother.  She first was diagnosed when she was pregnant with my younger brother Landon and noticed a lump on her breast. Being that her mother and grandmother had both passed from breast cancer she knew she had to get it checked. After 2 years of chemo, radiation, hair loss, and a mastectomy she went into remission however, it was short lived as her cancer came back even more invasive than before just one short year later.

I didn’t witness all of the struggles my sisters did with caring for her in the last few months. The terrors, delusions, incompetencies, all of the terrible things that come with stage 4 cancer. Her cancer spread rapidly from her breast to her lymph nods to her lungs to her brain. Finally her body gave out and she lost her battle to breast cancer in November of 2011. Not only had she just turned 40 three months prior but she left behind 4 step children and 2 sons with the youngest only being 5 years old.

Did you know that breast cancer is the second highest cause of death for women globally? That means 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime which astronomical in my opinion. If you aren’t old enough to get mammograms yet then please take just 10 minutes to do a self examination once a month. Johns Hopkins Medical center states that “forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so establishing a regular breast self-exam is very important.” Not comfortable with examining yourself? Watch this video below and learn about the different types of examinations there are as well as read more information here.

Still struggling with the thought of trying to remember to do your examination monthly or even yearly? Check out the Early Detection Plan app which is full of the same information as well as reminders for you to stay on top of your breast health and find a health clinic if needed.

Though finding a cure for breast cancer is heavily supported, I believe there is still more we can do so every year I chose at least one easy way to go pink for October. This year, I’ve decided to team up with Glamulet’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign to help spread awareness. For every charm you purchase from Glamulet, 50% of the sales will be donated to a charity fund for breast cancer. This campaign is a great way to honor my step mother has she LOVED jewelry, everything pink, and breast cancer ribbon related.

Now before some of you get worked up saying buying a charm and donating 50% of my money to charity isn’t worth it, its just a piece of jewelry then think of it this way. Yes, maybe its just a piece of jewelry but then again maybe you’ll be wearing that piece of jewelry and someone will notice it. And maybe because they noticed it they will remember that they need to do an examination. And maybe just maybe they do actually find something unusual about their breast, YOU would have been a leading factor to their early detection and ultimately maybe saved their life. Yes, its a lot of maybes but those little maybes are sometimes miracles.

The fact of the matter is that breast cancer has no limitations. You can be old or young, sick or healthy, you can even be a male. Take the time to save your own life with an examination or support another woman in need by purchasing and wearing a charm from Glamulet’s Breast Cancer Awareness line.

In Loving Memory of Christel Lynette Blevins

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Though this post is sponsored, all thoughts, words, and opinions are my own.


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