How RunGo Kept Me Running Safe At BlogFest

group runUnless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you saw my social media accounts blow up with photos and status updates while I was at BlogFest. The first morning of BlogFest there was an organized fun run for all of us bloggers to meet each other in real life and get to know each other before our first lecture.

group 5I turned on my RunGo app to keep track of our distance and time since I am unfamiliar with downtown Los Angeles. We finished a 1.3 mile loop, which I named the LA Quickie, to get our morning going and I had the pleasure of meeting 5 other bloggers along the way.

rungo routeSince the rest of the our days were filled with lectures and workouts, I knew I would need to get my running in to prepare for my upcoming Spartan Beast in Temecula. Thankfully I had my RunGo app to show me all the routes nearby and their lengths so I could determine which route I could squeeze in before I started my day of classes.
selfie RunGo

According to Crime Mapping for LA, there were only shop lifting charges in the general area I would be traveling however, for all of downtown there were over 130 violent crimes in the last month. Now I don’t know about you but being a women with more cardio than lifting under her belt, those were not odds I wanted to take without some reassurance. Not to mention, I don’t know downtown LA so I wanted to make sure the routes I was going to run were also safe. Fortunately RunGo came through and was able to offer me an impressive 40+ routes with commentary from other runners in the area. This was a great way to get a feel of the areas and feel more secure running by myself.


Pretty city view where we’re staying! #LA #California #nofilter #rooftopview

BlogFest was an incredible experience that I will cherish forever and I can’t be more thankful to have had RunGo by my side keeping me safe. If you’re interested in checking out the RunGo app and all the routes it has to offer in your area, go here for Apple or here for Android.

  • Angelic Sinova

    I jog daily and love using different apps to help track my progress. I’ll definitely have to check out the RunGo app. It sounds awesome <3

  • Valerie@Occasionally Crafty

    I love how you can get input from other runners on your route. That help so much when you’re in an unfamiliar place. Sounds like a neat app!

  • Sandy KS

    I love the idea of blog fest. Was the running required by Blogfest? I ask because Blogfest sounds like a great experience to. However, I do not run because I was shot in my leg. I still can walk but don’t move very fast because of it.

  • Liz Mays

    My daughter is a big runner so she’d definitely appreciate an app like this. Finding and creating new routes sounds like a blast.

  • Jaime Nicole

    That is such a great program/app! I really like being able to get local info from the people who live and run in the area. You can’t beat info from the locals – wherever you happen to be!

  • Jaime Nicole

    This is really cool! I live in a rural area, so it isn’t much use there, but when I run in the city, this would be a great way to stay safer!

  • Michelle

    BlogFest sounds like so much fun. I think it’s wonderful that you manage to exercise while you are traveling as that is always a challenge for me.

  • Vera Sweeney

    I have never heard of this app before. I think this would be great for even just walking around the city as well as running.

  • Aisha Kristine Chong

    this actually looks pretty neat – never heard nor tried the app before but I probably would love to give it a go.

  • Michele

    That app sounds like it should be mandatory equipment for any woman running solo anywhere–but especially when she doesn’t know the area! Better safe then sorry!!

    • Bettie

      Such an imspersive answer! You’ve beaten us all with that!

  • Susan Quackenbush

    That looks like it was a lot of fun! I’ve never heard of that app before but it sounds pretty neat, thank you for sharing! 🙂


    Wow, I have never heard of RunGo before. I like what you said about them with the info about routes etc. I used to run, but injured my back so not so much of a runner anymore. My mom still is though, so Im gonna pass this info onto her! Thanks!!

  • Tiffany

    Wow! This is an amazing app especially for a Blogger who may be traveling to different cities throughout the year. I certainly could have used this during my trip to New York last week. So glad your race and fest went well – you look like you had so much fun!

  • Tiany

    This is very neat, have never heard of it. Very handy for traveling ladies, indeed better safe than sorry!

  • Crystal

    Good to see your app is keeping you safe AND fit! Sounds like it’s working well for you!

  • Nickida

    That’s such a cool idea. I like that you can still run no matter where you are traveling and know you are safe. Thanks for sharing because this is very interesting.

  • XmasDolly

    Hmmm Interesting. I’ve never heard of such an app… well, that’s probably because I don’t run either. I have Spinal Stenosis so that’s kind of out of my league. So cool they have that sort of thing for you whatever you’re doing or wherever you are. Thanks for sharing. My daughter’s a runner I’ll share with her! Thanks.