How to Create a Nursery on a Budget

“This post is sponsored by Parent’s Choice brand and Walmart. All opinions are my own.”

When you’re a new mom, you worry about having everything ready for your new bundle. You believe you need to have high dollar products that cost a fortune to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Once you’ve been through two kids, you’ve got everything down and realize a high price doesn’t mean safety or comfort. With number three on the way, I decided to create a cute but affordable nursery on a budget and here’s how I’m doing it.

Buy Secondhand

With my first, the thought of buying second-hand items was never an option. Now onto number three and instead of spending $400 on my dream crib, I opted to buy second hand. It took a lot of searching and patience to find a similar version to the crib I wanted but I did and guess what?! Not only was it in fantastic condition, it was only $100! That’s $300 in savings, cha-ching!

nursery on a budgetSince I had such great luck with the crib, I decided why not aim for a changing table dresser too? It took some searching again as I am picky but I found one for 30 bucks! It was fairly dirty so I took some Clorox to it and scrubbed it spotless. It has some sharpie marks as well so I grabbed a $1 tube of white paint and touched up what I needed and wah-lah! I have a superb looking changing table dress now too.

Make Smart Choices

If there’s one thing I like to splurge on it’s the baby bedding. Though you can use hand me downs, I prefer to have fresh new bedding for each little one. They pee, poo, puke and more on bedding so having quality options is key. This is why we have chosen Parent’s Choice Mix and Match Bedding as our go to this time around as experienced parents.

nursery on a budgetParent’s ChoicePIN IT! offers more than 275 essentials for your baby’s first years of life. This includes receiving blankets, crib sheets, changing pads, baby blankets, and nursery sets. With the availability to have them picked up at your local Walmart store or shipped directly to your door for free, it’s no wonder they have been a staple in American homes for nearly 20 years. 

We checked out all of the trendy patterns and narrowed down our choices out of the nine coordinating colors. With the majority of the items being less than $13, we were able to score a sheet set, receiving blankets, and a soft comfy blanket for under $50. Saving money on the bedding totally freed up our budget to grab a rug for the room and higher a cleaning service for after the baby is born. Score!

Make it Yourself

Everyone loves to decorate their nursery with wall art as it brings it to life. While looking for a particular piece on Etsy, the pricing just became really expensive for my budget. After some thought, I decided I was going to wing it and try to create them myself. After playing with some fonts, I was able to create the same two pieces for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention, you can find cheap graphics on Etsy so your options are endless.

nursery on a budgetHere are the totals for what I wanted versus all the money I saved for a nursery on a budget:

Crib – The crib I wanted was $400 and I only spent $100. That’s $300 saved!

Changing Table Dresser – The dress I wanted was $250 and I only spent $30 on a used one. That’s $220 saved!

Sheets & Blankets – The typical bedding set is roughly $200, I only spent $49 on a similar set with amazing quality on the Parent Choice options. That’s $151 saved!

Wall Art –  The two pieces I wanted to purchase were $120 for both. I ended up spending $15 to create and print the pieces myself. That’s $105 saved!

Though babies need of items coming home, learning to create a nursery on a budget is a great way to ease the financial burden.

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    This is so great! There’s no need to go drop a bazillion dollars on every single baby thing in the biggest store out there. All you need are a few things to make a great baby room.

  • Marysa

    These are great tips for saving – nursery stuff can really add up. I did a lot of shopping at consignment shops to save money. I like the idea of having a printable that you can change up!

  • Sarah L Bailey

    These are some great tips as I am sure it can cost so much to create a nursery if you don’t keep an eye on how much you are spending.

  • The Cubicle Chick

    I love the DIY approach. I can’t wait until it’s time for me to do some nursery decorating. Thanks for sharing. – yolonda

  • Jennifer

    These are some great ways to save money on the nursery you wanted. I used a lot of hand me down furniture with my kids when they were growing up

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    It is definitely possible to save a lot of money when it comes to decorating a nursery. I love Walmart brand products because they’re high quality and affordable.

  • Amy H

    These are great tips! We did a lot of thrift store and yard sale shopping when I was pregnant with peanut.

  • Up Run for Life Healthy Lifestyle Blog

    I was lucky with my first two kids. The crib was passed onto me from my mom. Plus, she saved all my sister’s clothes so we were set for a long time. When my second came along, I got him his own bedding set and I got a pack n play. The pack n play was used quite frequently too. I used it as a bassinet for the first few months.

    By the time my third came along, I had given everything that I had away from my previous two. I was at the point where I thought I was done. Then when I met my husband, I changed my mind. We ended up getting hand me down stuff and a crib showed up at our house (my fil found one at a garage sale). Score.

  • Ada

    Oh I love it! It came out so cute. I’ll have to keep these tips in mind for when I have a kiddo.