How To Lose Weight Quickly and Safely in 10 Steps

Lose Weight QuicklyPIN IT!Experts have been telling us for a long time now how to most effectively lose weight, with dieting and exercising – without pushing yourself to your limits too much. That last part is quite important, yet many ignore it and start doing dangerous diets in hope to immediately lose some pounds; such as the ‘one meal a day diet’, where people only eat one lunch for the whole day, or the ‘liquid diet’, as you can tell by the name, you’re only allowed to drink water, broth or juices for weeks, no solid food.

Some people force themselves to do those extreme diets out of frustration, and while it might work for a week or two, right afterward your body revolts and you gain all the weight you had lost back again. The yo-yo effect.

While it’s important to reduce your daily calorie intake, you still have to give your body enough nourishment, so it doesn’t break down. Here are 10 simple steps on how to safely lose weight quickly:

  1. Keep a food diary, it’s very important to set a goal and keep an eye on calorie intake and the calories you’ve burned. I personally love My Fitness Pal for this.
  2. Reduce the calorie intake, generally speaking, you should set the daily calorie limit at 300-500 calories less than what you’re consuming currently.
  3. Don’t stop eating your favorite foods, pick a specific one and let it be part of your diet, so you can always look forward to a little reward. It’s all about balancing those macros!
  4. Start exercising regularly, whether is aerobics, yoga, dancing, at least do 20-minute work outs every day.
  5. Use apps that have data on food nutrition, listing how many calories each meal has.
  6. Motivation doubles when you’re not doing this on your own, there are millions of people trying to become healthier and lose weight online, connect with them and share tips, recipes and more.
  7. Cook your own food, stop eating convenience food or fast food – on top of being unhealthy, manufactured food has hidden calories everywhere.
  8. Always drink enough, water or sugar-free teas are your best bet.
  9. Healthy snacks are alright, whether it’s some fruit, veggies, nuts, or popcorn.
  10. Exercise some more, I know it’s hard but the quickest way to lose weight is by combining a healthy lifestyle change and work outs.

Always keep in mind the set daily calorie limit, this is the key to losing weight efficiently. As long as you don’t cross that line, you can eat salads, soups, rice, or chicken based dishes, and even some sweet stuff, all you want. It is not usual for your body to feel small attacks of hunger every now and then, in those cases it’s important not to lose control. Take a big glass and fill it with water, drink then wait five minutes, and if the hunger is gone you’re fine. But if you still feel hungry after that, prepare a small meal like a fruit salad. Use apples, grapes, not more than one banana, and berries if you like. That will definitely still your hunger, while the fruit will give you all the energy and vitamins you need.

Lose Weight Quickly: Diet and Exercise Tips

When it comes to exercising, ideally pick something you actually enjoy doing. For some, it’s yoga or dancing, for others it’s basketball, any sport where you have to move a lot is going to be helpful. Start with working out 20 minutes a day, and eventually, you’ll be able to do one hour a day. If you’d like to join a fitness club and work out with others, that’s great too. One of the most effective gym equipment is the good old cross trainer, as well as the treadmill. Mix it up with weight lifting and aerobic.

In the end, everyone can lose weight as long as he or she’s determined to eat in moderation, and doesn’t fall back into bad habits. Successfully losing weight doesn’t have to take years. You should avoid risky diets that promise you the moon and the stars, and actually put in the hours of work to get a sense of what it feels like to become healthier. To keep yourself motivated, what you can do is join online communities, talk to others who are in the same situation as you and cheer each other on. It’s more helpful than you can imagine.