How to Make Your Pumpkins Last Through Fall

Make Your Pumpkins LastPIN IT!

While it is going to be impossible to prevent your pumpkins completely decaying throughout fall, there are things that you can do to slow down the process. Providing you start out with a decently fresh pumpkin (the ones you purchase from the supermarket are unlikely to be that fresh), then you should be ‘good to go’. Here are some tips you can use to make your pumpkins last through fall.

Try not to touch your Pumpkins

Touch your pumpkins as little as you can. Your hands have a lot of bacteria on them which can start to munch away at the pumpkin, decaying it quite quickly. Since you are going to need to touch your pumpkins at some point, as soon as you do, wash them off with clean water. This should get rid of the bulk of the bacteria you have put on the pumpkin.

Not only will the bacteria be on your pumpkin if you touch it too much, but there is a chance that your fingernail could scratch the surface. This exposes the insides which will speed up the rate of decay…never a good thing!

Don’t break the stem

This only really applies if you are picking the pumpkin yourself. Try not to break the stem. This will drastically reduce the lifespan of it. If you are grabbing one at the store, avoid any who have damaged or broken stems as well.

Choose the right location for your pumpkin

Don’t stick the pumpkin in direct sunlight. This will cause it to decay at a rapid rate. When you put your pumpkin outside, then stick it in a cool and shady space. If you do this, then you stand a decent chance of it being able to survive throughout fall.

You will also want to ensure that the pumpkin is not placed in an area which is too wet. This can cause the pumpkin to decay too. So, just find a cool and dry place. You should be fine.

Wash your pumpkin regularly

Every so often, much up a solution of water. You will want to watch one part bleach to ten parts of water. You can then wash the pumpkin in this solution. Make sure that every part of the pumpkin is covered for at least two minutes. Once this is done, let the pumpkin dry out then put it back outside.

Why does this work? Well, it helps to protect the rind of the pumpkin which means that it will last a whole lot longer.

Not only should you be washing your pumpkin regularly, but you should also moisturize it regularly too. We are going to assume that you will be carving your pumpkin before you put it outside. If you do this, then rub some petroleum jelly into it. This will increase the lifespan of it drastically (put it on the exposed areas that you have carved out)

If you follow these tips and work hard to ensure that you keep pests away from the pumpkin, then we have no doubt that it will last throughout fall…or at least come close to it!